Winter Workout Motivation

Happy Monday everyone! Who else is ready to start this week out right?! (Maybe if I’m positive on my post I’ll actually have a produce Monday.. Ha!)

Now that I’ve moved to the northeast I’ve had to adjust to the crazy weather change and find a way to stay motivated during the super cold weather. It’s a lot easier if I can tell I’m about to be at the pool, but winter is the perfect time to start a healthy lifestyle so you feel your best during those warmer months. Here are my top tips to stay motivated when the temperatures are cold enough to make you wish you were in bed all day!

1. Layer up! If you’re working out outside or going for a run, be sure to wear several light layers. You might warm up once you get moving, but better safe than sorry. For my run on the national mall I wore leggings and a tank top with a light pullover. You might also want some earmuffs or gloves if it’s cold where you live.

2. You never regret a workout. I have to tell myself this all the time – but no matter how much you want to relax, you’ll never regret pushing yourself through exercise. You’ll have more energy and it will help with your overall productivity.. Which is a huge plus during the winter blues.

3. Get workout clothes you actually like. It can be easy to think since you’re just exercising you don’t need to look cute – but if you feel good in your clothes it might motivate you a little more to get outside and get going. You can’t let a good outfit go to waste, after all!

4.  Break it up. If you can’t bring yourself to get to the gym or outside for a full workout session, break it up into smaller 5 minute workout sessions throughout the day. Do some squats while you heat up your lunch or take a break from work to walk up and down the stairs in your building! All the small sessions will add up and boost your energy.

These are my top tips for getting moving during winter! Let me know if you have any tips in the comments.


Sweater – North Face | Leggings – Ross, similar here | Sneakers – Payless

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