Wednesday Motivation

Hey yall,

It’s hump dayy!! We’re halfway through the week, and now is the day where you decide if you’re going to just go through the motions until the weekend, or make the most of the next few days. Make a conscious choice to make the most of your days and be productive.. So I have some motivational quotes (courtesy of pinterest), plus some of my top tips to stay motivated.

1. Make lists. At the start of every day, I love to make a to-do list. I’ve talked about this before, but I’ll even write down tasks I’ve already gotten done. There’s nothing better than seeing progress to get you inspired to make more progress. I’ll sometimes even track hours I’ve been working, so when 5 hours go by and I’m too busy to pay attention to my list – I can check off even more and realize how much I’ve accomplished!

2. Prioritize and take breaks. As someone who works in an office, I like to get up every 90 minutes or so and take a short walk – either to the restroom or to get some water, but just take a tiny break for a few minutes. It’s important to prioritize the most important tasks at hand, then take frequent breaks to clear your mind and refresh yourself. Don’t be afraid to take a short siesta between tasks and reward yourself.

3. Remind yourself why you started. If you’re getting unmotivated or feeling stuck in a rut, look back as to why you started doing what you do. What are your short term goals? Long term? Create and inspirational board – either physically or just lists on your phone. Set reminders to go off on your phone or email with supportive messages. Thinking about your motives is sure to help you feel motivated again!


Have a great day! Share your tips for staying motivated in the comments!

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