Travel Essentials

Hey y’all,

Tomorrow afternoon my boyfriend and I will be taking off on a trip and going to a few places. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to show y’all all the cool things we see!

Today, of course, I’m doing one of my least favorite things in the world – packing.

It seems like I can’t ever take a trip and not forget something! I really have to take the time and stay organized in order to make sure I get everything – and long trips are even harder to plan for!

In order to make sure there’s nothing vital that I forget, I have a few fashion suitcase staples that I always include.

travel essentials

1. Skinny Jeans – It’s always good to have at least one pair of skinny jeans in your wardrobe. They can be dressed down with a t-shirt or dressed up with pumps. So convenient for travel!

2. Heels – You never know when you’ll end up on a last-minute night out or at a fancier place. It’s always good to carry around a pair of heels that can go with several of your outfits.

3. Cardigan – Especially if you’re going to a place with a varying climate, it’s always a good idea to carry around a light cardigan with you. Car rides/airplanes can get a little chilly sometimes, too!

3. Sunglasses – These can help you when you’re driving, if you’re by the window on a plane, going out on vacation, or even when you’re trying to sleep while traveling! These are always a staple.

What are your fashion travel essentials?




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