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Hey y’all! Today I’m sharing with you some of my top skin care tips. I’ve been really struggling with my skin lately. I’d be happy to do a separate post about my skin history and acne struggles – but long story short, the past 4 months or so my skin has been acting up like crazy. I’ve been breaking out and getting insane dry patches, especially since my move up north.

1. Take no-makeup days. This is essential to letting your skin breath and heal. Use those days that you don’t have a social event, work, or date night to rest your skin and eyes. It seriously makes a huge difference!

2. Use a humidifier. Since I moved to DC, the air has been crazy dry – especially with the blizzard and really cold temperatures. My skin was cracking and peeling constantly for about two weeks right after my move, until we invested in a humidifier. You can get one for about $20 and I promise, it makes a huge difference in your skin care routine. Not to mention saying goodbye to chapped lips and dry noses!

3. Face masks are your friend. Im a chronic face mask user. I love to take a bath with a face mask on several times a week – and as I type this, I have a mask on in bed (sorry, not sorry). Now, you need to pay attention to quality, but a good face mask can make a huge difference in detoxifying your skin and clearing up any problem areas. I recommend this and this mask if you’re in the market!

4. Pamper yourself. Take the time to realize that your skin deserves a break. You deserve the extra 5 minutes of exfoliation and moisturizing; you deserve an extra cleanse in the morning; take the time to add some toner into your routine. It’s so important to realize that you’re worth the extra time to Pamper. Take the time to find out what works for you! It took a long time of trail and error to figure out my ideal routine, and now it’s so worth it to take extra time out of my day to treat my skin with what works. And it’s different for every person! Do you, boo boo!

Here are some of my top picks for skin care that you should definitely try out if you’re looking for new products:

Cindy Crawford Day Cream
Olay Night Cream
Avocado mask
Neutrogena Toner
Hey Honey Peel Off Mask

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