Tip Tuesday: Packing Light

Hey yall,

I’m getting married on Saturday!! Which entails flying out to california on Thursday, then straight to Mexico on Monday for the rest of next week. To say I’m excited would be an understatement!

Our goal, though, is to pack for this whole trip on only carry on luggage. Not that we haven’t done this before – we did go to Costa Rica for a week on just carry ons, but this trip seems too long to cut down on my packing list. If you’re in the same situation – lucky for you – I have some smart packing tips that I’m using myself this week and that might help you for trips to come!

Step 1: Make a list. And don’t leave anything out. I mean include a number of how many contacts you’ll need, or how many pairs of socks. Think about how many days you’ll be gone and plan accordingly. Put it in writing so you don’t forget anything! 

Step 2: Pull out everything you need to pack. It helps to go through the list and set aside everything you need to pack. Go through your makeup bag an narrow it down, pull tags off of new items you might have bought for your vacation!

Step 3: Organize by category. Personally, I pull aside all of my liquids, then move to makeup, then clothes, shoes, and then I pack small items like swimsuits in bags. Going through one segment of what I need at a time helps me stay organized and save space. It also will help you narrow it down and pack lighter!

Step 4: Pack! You’ve done your listing, choosing, and organizing… And it’s finally time to actually pack! I always put all of my shoes in my carry on in one section, my clothes in another, then I put all electronics, makeup products, and liquids in my “personal item” (aka my backpack). That way, items I need to take out in security are within reach and easy to re-pack!

And voila! Now you have some simple tips to help you pack light, narrow down your luggage, and stay super organized!

What are your top packing tips? Do you prefer to pack light?

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