The Return Of.. Fitness Friday

Hey y’all,

So a little back story.. a few years ago I was really into working out and being healthy. Towards the end of high school / start of college I was in the best shape of my life! I had so much fun going to 1 or 2 classes at the gym at night and always looked forward to it. Then after moving for college I went in and out of my routine. For a year or so I didn’t work out at all.. then one summer I worked out 6 days a week.. then after that it was a little spotty.

Fun fact – when I started this blog, it was originally going to be a health and fitness blog. I wrote about my quick healthy office lunches, ways to stay active at a desk job, and my 15 minute workouts during my lunch break. Then I started working more than one job, and eventually moved about 4 months ago back to Texas.

I wish that I lived close enough to my work to do my lunchtime workouts, or had the energy to get up at 5 and go to the gym before work like I used to. But life gets in the way!

With a hectic schedule and barely any free time, my first instinct is to use any free time I have to rest – who wouldn’t?! But a few weeks ago I finally signed up again at a good gym with classes and great amentities, so I’m trying to get back in it.

And when I started this as a fitness blog, in addition to sharing my passion for it, I knew that it would motivate me to keep going – so let’s try this out again! Fitness Fridays are back!

This week.. let’s talk about the hardest part of getting in shape… staying motivated.

Now that the days are getting shorter and the weather is colder, it’s harder than ever to get the energy to get going – so here are my top tips of what I do to get myself active.

1. You never regret a workout. If there’s one tip I have.. it’s to know that no matter how bad you don’t want to go, you’ll NEVER feel bad after!

2. Take a class. I know that when I’m tired there’s no way I’m staying at the gym for an hour by myself. By taking a class, I guarantee that I won’t be walking out in the middle of it or slacking off. Best way to get a good workout!

3. If all else fails, stay active. Even if I can’t workout, I make sure that I get up every hour at work and walk for a few minutes – especially now that I work at a computer for 8+ hours daily. Just getting up frequently can make you feel so much better! Having my Up Band to track my steps really helps me try harder since I have a goal to get to.

As a bonus.. a few of my favorite at-home quick workouts from pinterest!

Here’s a bodyweight oblique workout!


Another quick workout to get your heart pumping.

What are your favorite motivational tips?

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