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Hey yall,

First of all, I wanted to talk a little bit about the blogging community this past weekend. It’s incredibly sad to hear about the two bloggers we lost – Carly and Frances. And it’s amazing to see how even though most bloggers have never met in person or have never even spoken at all, everyone comes together in hard times and we’re all there for support. 

In more fortunate news, I got to get away to a weekend in Mexico for my friends wedding last weekend, but needless to say I’m exhausted after a super fast trip! We were on our way at 7am Friday and left to come back to the USA Monday at 8am. 48 hours at the beach definitely wasn’t enough! But we had a great time, and thank goodness this is a 4 day week. I’m already looking forward to sleeping in on Friday!

And if I can’t be sleeping, what better thing is there to wear other than a nightgown? I kid, but this dress really does feel like pajamas. It’s amazing and extremely comfy!


The dress and cardigan are actually both from Ross, so I’ve linked to super similar ones. My feet are also completely blistered from a weekend in new heels, so I’ve been living in these sandals.

Have a great day!

Ps – I have a seriously exciting announcement coming up soon, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it! And it might include a giveaway.. 

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