Iceland Travel Tips

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Hey y’all,

I’m switching gears on y’all again and moving to Iceland from France! I’m not done with Paris yet, but I had to share some of my top Iceland travel tips.

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent the whole weekend looking at 10+ apartments after my move to Dallas last weekend, and it was so exhausting. It feels like car shopping when you’re just completely worn out, ya know? We looked all over the area at lofts, town homes, apartments, high rises, and FINALLY found one we fell in love with. I think we had high standards since our DC apartment was exactly our style, but I can’t wait to move in and share more about our new place.

Also – a Happy Late Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

Ok, back to Iceland talk. If you haven’t ever considered a visit – I’d seriously reconsider! I’ll be sharing details on both Iceland and Paris.. things to do, where to stay, etc. but today I’m going over my basic top tips for a visit to this beautiful nation!

1. Consider WOW Airlines. I’ll be honest that I was skeptical. I’d compare it to the Frontier of international flights – no frills. But flights are INSANELY cheap. There are no food or drinks included, no wifi, no entertainment, but the planes are nice and modern, they have a great safety record, and they fly several places in the US and Europe. There’s always a layover in Keflavik, so you can do it like us and book two separate flights, or they offer extended layovers as well.

2. Get international data. Seriously – do it! With AT&T we could use international data for $10 a day. You will 100% need a GPS to get around, so make the splurge. Nuff said.

3. Rent a car. Driving is super easy in Iceland. I will say I went in April, so I’m not sure in December – February how icy it would be. But we had zero issues with the roads and it makes it so much easier to get around and explore on your own!

4. Don’t be intimidated! It can be a little scary to go to another country with a language you don’t speak (unless you know Icelandic, then kudos because it’s an awesome language!). But everyone in the country was so kind and accommodating – everyone! At restaurants, hotels, snorkel guides, even tourists! Be sure you don’t let being intimidated stop you from visiting Iceland since the people are amazing.

5. Get ready to splurge. My last and most important tip – save some money before you go! Everything is extremely expensive. Flights and hotels were cheap, but food and drinks are very pricey. Don’t be surprised if you spend $50 USD on lunch for 2. But since travel and stay is inexpensive, it evens out a bit.

Let me know in the comments.. have you been to Iceland?! 

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