Swimsuit Wishlist

Hey y’all!

I hope you all had a wonderful, long, Memorial Day weekend! Thank you to all who have served and remembering those who lost their lives for our freedom.

I spent the weekend relaxing, going to a cookout with friends, then spending my day off by the pool! And now it’s almost the next weekend; and does anyone else think this week has gone by crazy slow?!

Speaking of the pool.. today I’m sharing my swimsuit wishlist. One of my favorite things to shop for is new swimsuits, and there are SO many cute styles out in stores these days. So here are my top picks. Happy Shopping!

Oh, and before I get started.. I’m moving back to Texas! I haven’t announced it online yet, but I’ll be heading back to the Dallas area in less than TWO WEEKS. Although I’ll miss the DC area and all of the amazing people we know here, I’m also super excited to get back down south!

And back to the swimsuit wishlist! I’ll be sharing my top few styles in the infographic, then you can shop a ton of different suits in the slider down below.

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