Happy hump day!

Its officially ONE WEEK until I’ll start working on the local fashion week and I am BEYOND excited! This is such an amazing opportunity to get experience in fashion and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Then.. Immediately after I finish working Thursday night’s show I’ll have just a few hours of sleep before driving down to my hometown in Texas and flying off to D.C.! I’m so excited to have two days in D.C. followed by 3 days in NYC and another 2 days in TX – a much needed vacation!!

But, preparing for a vacation definitely wouldn’t be complete without some new wardrobe essentials – especially with big plans like Broadway and a birthday party!

Here are my new items:


Forgive me for the messy layout, but it’s the best I could do. First I got three items from hautelook. The red dress has a gorgeous cutout back and is WOW Couture. Then, next to it, I have an adorable top by Whitney Eve. I also ordered Ellen Tracy heels in nude on the top left from that website as well. I got ALL THREE of those items for $80 – unbeatable! If you haven’t signed up.. DO IT. now.

Then, I had made a return to Forever 21 the other day without realizing that it’s impossible to actually make a return there. So, they gave me 24$ in store credit and I went back today on a search for some high quality clothing from there. I walked out with the adorable heels on the top right and paid only 5$ more than my store credit. I’m obsessed with these shoes because I’ve never had colorful, spring wedges like these. Here’s a better picture of it:


Then, I couldn’t resist going into Charlotte Russe for some 5$ sunglasses that you might be able to see in the picture of all the clothes if you squint really hard and look under the shoes.


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The Bachelor

It’s Bachelor Monday.. and although completely not related to fashion (except the wonderful styles these girls have) I am totally obsessed and can’t help but post about it!

I find it crazy how the environment of filming this show can make these girls so crazy about him SO fast! But, I love it and I love watching the drama! My life is extremely calm so I think it’s just fun watching all this crazy stuff.. Ha!

Before I go…some of my favorite styles from my favorite contestants!

Adorable tops!

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Goin crazy for cardigans!

Hey y’all,

So basically it’s been unbearably FREEZING here in Arkansas, and there’s been little snow flurries off and on for the past week. My north face is the only really thick jacket I own that is comfortable enough to wear out normally, and sometimes it just doesn’t fit with my outfits when I go out. But let’s face it, the times I dress up are extremely rare. I’m a college student, I live in t-shirts and yoga pants. And I WISH I had a cool enough blog to post MY styles everyday, but that’s the ugly truth.

Today – y’all got lucky. I was also lucky enough to receive a royal blue cardigan from my sister (which is GORGEOUS!!) and a super cute cardigan from my mom – both from LOFT. I used to work there and absolutely loved the 50% discount and I sure do miss always buying their stuff! Last night, though, I got to wear the cardigan from my mom to dinner with my boyfriend and for a cardigan to actually keep me mostly warm in the snow is wondah-ful!


It also has an adorable pattern and I would recommend it to anyone! Cardigans are always a great way to dress up any outfit during the winter. Obsessed!



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In honor of the infamous throwback thursday trend, I’m going to take a look at past fashions that are making a HUGE comeback now! It’s weird how the clothing items I looked at and thought was terrible as a child, they’re coming back bigger than ever.

1) Bandeau tops – I personally LOVE bandeau tops and am super excited that these are so huge now. Not to mention, all of my swimsuits are bandeau style.

2) Hippie Headbands – I personally don’t think I could ever pull these off, and that makes me kind of sad! They’re really cute and trendy and maybe one day before this trend passes I’ll get the courage to try them!

3) Maxi skirts/dresses – Although I 90% of the time dislike this style, it just keeps coming back! If I was taller than the 5’1 height I currently stand at, MAYBE I could pull the classy styles of this off. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever put one of these on.


Sorry for the slacking on posts – I had to be moved out of my apartment by tomorrow and it has been HECTIC! But I’m back, y’all.


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Now, I’d like to start this post by saying that I never watch the oscars, or any other award show. BUT – I do keep track of the best and worst looks online and enjoy seeing the lavish outfits that celebrities wear to these events. So, because of the Oscars being tonight, here are my favorite and least favorite looks.


Jessica Chastain

This look was GORGEOUS. I absolutely adore sweetheart necklines and this look was classy and beautiful.

Reese Witherspoon

This dress and the color is gorgeous. I also love the black detail on the neckline. And apart from the clothing, her hair is uhh-mazing!


Anne Hathaway

I really don’t think this dress is flattering. The back is very pretty, but the front is a little TOO plain. The neckline is far too high and makes her look very lanky. I do love Anne Hathaway – but not this look.

Olivia Munn

The neckline is pretty, and the red is a good color for her, but the design is a little strange. Also, the overly-flowy gown looks like she just had to pin it up to avoid stepping on it. It looks a little messy.


If you’re watching the Oscars, enjoy! I’ll stick to my reality TV tonight.



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Fashion Fridays numero uno

Hey y’all,

So I did have another blog, but have found through my recent endeavors that fashion is where my interests really lie. Through this blog, I’ll keep up with trends, share my personal style, and here’s the best part – all from the standpoint of a broke, college student!

Every Friday will be “fashion friday,” where I’ll feature one of my favorite trends. Today, it’s inspired by the recent New York Fashion Week shows.

You’ve probably seen that Prabal Gurung came out with a Target line – and to be honest, I was a huge skeptic. I tend to keep my style to a minimum; keeping up with current trends but not being too risky. I wouldn’t call myself a huge trend-setter. BUT, I must say, I was extremely impressed by Prabal Gurungs show for fashion week. Here’s my favorite look:

A model walks the runway at the ICB By Prabal Gurung Fall 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Studio at Lincoln Center on February 11, 2013 in New York City.

This is a very classic look. I love the creative color blocking and flattering shape. His looks made me seriously double think my first impression of his new line!

Now, I’m planning a trip to DC/NYC with my boyfriend for spring break, and I just HAD to do some shopping. So.. prepare yourself for some great deals.

If you aren’t signed up at hautelook, do it now.

I ordered some great finds from whitney eve, wow couture, and ellen tracy. As soon as they come in (I’m expecting my first arrival Monday), y’all will be the first to see them.

Til next time,


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