Today I overslept way too much, went to workout, and now I’m off to a dinner party. Not much interesting to say here!




Shirt – Ann Taylor LOFT | Jeans – New York & Co | Shoes – Forever 21

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…I work out.

So, I’m kind of in a workout rut. I work out about 4 or 5 days a week and do 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights, approx, each day. If I do just cardio, I’ll do 45-60 minutes. BUT… I’m Bored.

In Texas, I worked out at Golds Gym, and they offered Les Mills classes. Everyday I would do a couple of classes and I was OBSESSED. Cycling is by far my favorite with kickboxing being a close second. Sadly, my gym now doesn’t offer any classes so I’m stuck with a routine of the same 4 cardio machines.

I would love to hear some suggestions. What workouts are your favorites?

But, what can make a workout better? GOOD CLOTHES! I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret workout gear, and I literally wear their yoga capris every single day. Here are some of my faves.

Disclaimer: I did not take these photos! I just like them 🙂

Let me know about y’alls favorite workouts and your favorite ways to lose those last 5 stubborn pounds!




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New york, new york!

Trip post, cont!

Last Sunday Collin and I took the AMTRAK from D.C. into NYC then went straight to check in to our hotel room. We stayed only 3 or 4 blocks from Times Square, so that was great. We went out and walked down to Times Square and Broadway then ate dinner at Guy Fierri’s restaurant. It was really good! We walked to 5th avenue and saw Rockefeller Center, the Lego factory, and the apple store. Amazing!

Then, Monday, we spent the day REALLY exploring Times Square and shopping on 5th avenue. We also went to Central Park then rushed to wait in line at the TKTS booth for discounted broadway tickets! We waited in 20 degree weather for a couple of hours until tickets finally went on sale. We scored 6th row seats for Rock of Ages at 30% off! And that was the BEST live musical I have EVER seen! I would definitely recommend it. We also went to eat dinner at Gallagher’s steakhouse and OMG – TO DIE FOR! I got the salmon steak and Collin got a ribeye with a bottle of wine. It was honestly the best salmon I have ever had. And after the show, we saw Tom Hanks leaving his musical across the street. So cool! It was also snowing that entire night – and walking around New York in 6 inch heels in the snow is NOT fun.

Tuesday, we took the subway down to Wall Street and explored that side of the island. We started by getting some lunch at a little shop and then went to the 9/11 museum and memorial. I was in 4th grade at the time of 9/11 and it was really moving to see everything – since I wasn’t exactly old enough to understand what was going on at the time. We walked down to wall street from there and saw the NYSE building. We then walked to the pier and saw the statue of liberty. After that, we were a little tired, and headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night.

Our last night in NYC, we decided to go to Caroline’s Broadway Comedy Club for their late night show. It was hilarious! And, of course, we were the ONLY people who made reservations to eat dinner there so we got the best seat in the house. We picked the second row of tables so we wouldn’t get heckled or put on the spot (we’re shy like that) but it was front and center. The comedians were great!

Wednesday we took a car to Laguardia Airport and flew back to Texas to spend a few nights with my parents. I always LOVE going to Texas – you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl! We got to really relax and get Indian food with my parents (there is NO Indian food in Arkansas)!

Here are my NYC pictures:




PS – I got that scarf for 5 dollars at a stand on the corner of 5th ave – so worth it!


super bad picture and it was snowing – but there’s Tom Hanks!

9/11 memorial… so touching!

Heels – Ellen Tracy | Jeans – New York & Co | Top – English Rose



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I’m baaack!

I had a very eventful spring break full of traveling! On my first post back, I’ll focus on my amazing night working Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week and my two nights in DC. Fashion week was GREAT and such a great experience and DC was super fun.

Sadly, because I had to start my travels early last Friday morning, I could only work the first shift on the first night, but I still had so much fun. I ended up in the group that helped with goody bags, putting signs up, helping boutiques set up their booths, and seating people for the show. I had to leave right at the beginning of the shows, but the models all looked amazing and I know the shows turned out great!

Then around 4AM Friday morning me and the boyfriend (Collin) left to drive 6 hours to Texas and went straight to the airport to fly to Washington DC. It was his sisters birthday there and we went out ALL day saturday to celebrate her birthday along with St Pattys. We had a lot of fun!

Here are my pictures from my night of fashion week:


Shirt-NWAFW | Jeans-New York & Co | Wedge booties-no idea!




then in DC with Collin…


Top-Whitney Eve | Cardigan-Target (also not seen..American Eagle jeans and Payless riding boots)

Til next time! <3

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See y’all soon!

So a big week is coming up for me! Tomorrow is the first night of shows that I’ll be working for Fashion Week and I am SO excited! Then, just a few hours after that’s over, I’ll begin my travels to TX/DC/NYC/TX before I get back next Saturday.

I won’t have my computer, but y’all can be expecting a huge update when I get back! Have a good Spring Break!

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drops of heaven

Y’all…it’s a miracle. I finally got dressed up.

Okay, so maybe not dressed up but in clothes other than the typical college wardrobe – leggings and tshirts.

Tonight I had a planning meeting for my sorority and then got to meet my boyfriend for dinner on his break from work. So I took the opportunity and tried breaking in my new Ellen Tracy heels I posted a few days ago, along with a cardigan my sister sent me that I love.


Cardigan – Loft
Vneck – Target
Jeans – American Eagle
Heels – Ellen Tracy
Watch – Caravell



Also, with my last order at Sephora, I got a sample size perfume of Cartier…and I must say, that perfume is like spraying little drops of heaven all over me. LOVE!


what are your absolute favorite perfumes?

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Helloo new MAC

Hey y’all.

So today I went to the mall because I had a couple of Victoria’s Secret coupons, one of which being 10$ off of a purchase. So I got their self-tanner that was 15$ for 5$ – what a steal! And just saying, it smells like perfume and not like that gross self-tanner smell. Love it already!!

Then I couldn’t resist running by MAC to get some new skinfinish natural powder (my obsession). I had to get some powder to match my tan – right? (My justification)

I decided to show y’all my very natural everyday makeup. It literally took me five minutes. Here’s my before:


And after:


Excuse my terrible hair that I haven’t done anything to. It might be hard to tell – but that’s kind of the point with natural makeup, right?

I’m absolutely OBSESSED with makeup and doing makeup and here are my favorite products that I used…


Next time I do my makeup all fancy then I’ll be sure to share that also!

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In light of the BEAUTIFUL weather that is finally here – I’m ready for some spring clothes. There are some real outfit staples that I’m dying to get for this season and hopefully I can find some in NYC! Here are my personal must-haves:


Bright jeans! These are from Lauren Conrad’s spring collection.

Bow Dress

Light wrap dresses! I finally got a thicker one for winter and loved the silhouette. This one is paper crown.

Faux leather shorts. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these! These are topshop but even forever21 has some cheap ones.

Hopefully this lovely weather sticks around and warms up even more. I wish I lived where it was in the 80s every day! Hooray for spring, y’all.

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Happy hump day!

Its officially ONE WEEK until I’ll start working on the local fashion week and I am BEYOND excited! This is such an amazing opportunity to get experience in fashion and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Then.. Immediately after I finish working Thursday night’s show I’ll have just a few hours of sleep before driving down to my hometown in Texas and flying off to D.C.! I’m so excited to have two days in D.C. followed by 3 days in NYC and another 2 days in TX – a much needed vacation!!

But, preparing for a vacation definitely wouldn’t be complete without some new wardrobe essentials – especially with big plans like Broadway and a birthday party!

Here are my new items:


Forgive me for the messy layout, but it’s the best I could do. First I got three items from hautelook. The red dress has a gorgeous cutout back and is WOW Couture. Then, next to it, I have an adorable top by Whitney Eve. I also ordered Ellen Tracy heels in nude on the top left from that website as well. I got ALL THREE of those items for $80 – unbeatable! If you haven’t signed up.. DO IT. now.

Then, I had made a return to Forever 21 the other day without realizing that it’s impossible to actually make a return there. So, they gave me 24$ in store credit and I went back today on a search for some high quality clothing from there. I walked out with the adorable heels on the top right and paid only 5$ more than my store credit. I’m obsessed with these shoes because I’ve never had colorful, spring wedges like these. Here’s a better picture of it:


Then, I couldn’t resist going into Charlotte Russe for some 5$ sunglasses that you might be able to see in the picture of all the clothes if you squint really hard and look under the shoes.


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