Black Friday Haul 2016 and GIVEAWAY!

Hey y’all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! On Friday my mom and I braved the shops to do some Black Friday.. and my Black Friday haul 2016 was born! I’m also doing a couple of GIVEAWAY prizes, so be sure to join! 

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Oversized Sweaters

Hey y’all,

I have to say.. I think this is my favorite sweater that I’ve ever owned. I was shopping for Christmas decorations at Target last week (self promo.. decorate for christmas with me?) and I stumbled across their sweater stand. They were all $19.99 and a lot of them were 30% off. I’m definitely going to need to go back and buy them ALL because I live in oversized sweaters all Fall/Winter long!








I may or may not have worn this outfit two days in a row.. but this is my ideal Winter staple outfit! These booties are also surprisingly comfortable. I’ve worn them to malls, airports, everywhere – aka, places I walk a bunch – and I’ve never had hurt feet.

On an unrelated note, can you believe Thanksgiving is barely over two weeks away?! I’m already skipping ahead and getting in the Christmas spirit #noshame but I just love Thanksgiving too. My family always puts up the Christmas tree and watches elf after our dinner. What are your Thanksgiving traditions?!

As always – shop my look in the slider below!

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Decorate for Christmas With Me!

Hey y’all, Long time no talk!

I feel like I say that all the time. Every once in a while I go MIA, but for the past few weeks I’ve been having a crazy time being busy with work and traveling, but I’m finally back and feeling re-focused again. Sometimes when I get swamped its hard to find the motivation to put time aside for blogging and youtube – even though that’s honestly my biggest stress reliever!

But Halloween is finally over and it’s the holiday season! Maybe I’m getting excited a little early, but it’s time for you to decorate for Christmas with me! I put up my tree this last weekend and I just love the cheer it brings to the apartment.


Also, I extended my GIVEAWAY by a week so don’t miss the chance to enter!

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Sweater Wishlist

Hey y’all,

We are finally getting Fall weather up here and I just love it. I know right after Christmas passes I’ll be counting down the days til Summer, but right now – I’m really enjoying it. There’s nothing better than throwing on leggings and a big sweater and feeling so cozy.

I did an online splurge over the weekend (sorry, not sorry – haul coming soon), and finally got some new sweaters. But let me tell you.. it was way too hard to not buy every. single. sweater. I saw! So here are some of the top sweater categories and my personal sweater wishlist. Happy shopping!




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Fall Uniform

Hey y’all – long time, no talk!

I feel like I say that quite a bit, but I am trying to seriously get back on my blogging game and be more consistent.. as in every weekday! Be sure to follow my blog here so you don’t miss some fun travel/outfit posts coming up.

And as always, the easiest way to shop this post is with the slider below! AND I’m still doing a giveaway through the end of this month! Enter by clicking here!

Ok.. enough self promotion for one post? 🙂


Two weekends ago my husband and I decided to take a quick road trip up to Niagra Falls for the weekend. He surprised me by booking a hotel right on the Canadian side of the falls and it had the most beautiful view from the rooftop bar! We had an amazing weekend and I’ll have a ton of posts to share coming up about the sights, outfits, a travel diary, and a travel guide. Our weekend included exploring the falls and going off to a beautiful winery in the country!

This outfit I wore on our first full day and it’s pretty much my Fall uniform. A cardigan, a comfy top, leggings, and some over the knee boots… basic, but necessary. This is also pretty much THE most comfortable top I own. It’s long sleeve and just a basic top from Target, but I live in it during the cooler months.

It also felt like Fall just blew in the other day here in DC! It was in the 80’s last week then Saturday a cold front moved in. We had high winds and temps dropped down into the 40’s… what scares me is how cold it felt and how much colder it’s going to get!

niagra-1 niagra-2


niagra-4 niagra-5





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Unbuttoned Plaid

Hey y’all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! Am I the only one who really feels like it should be almost the weekend..? Just me..?

I’ve had quite an eventful past few days coming from Grandma over here! Last night I went to a pre-season Capitals hockey game – so fun! Sunday we went into the city to get a street hot dog with cheese (a must for DC), went to a farmers market, and watched the Cowboys game on Capitol Hill. You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl (go cowboys)!

This dress is my go-to for pretty much any occasion, and I paired it with an unbuttoned plaid top as a “cardigan” of sorts. One of my favorite ways to wear flannel in Fall!

thumb_img_0814_1024 thumb_img_0815_1024 thumb_img_0816_1024 thumb_img_0818_1024 thumb_img_0819_1024 thumb_img_0820_1024 thumb_img_0822_1024


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Colorado Travel Diary

Hey y’all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I finally got around to editing my Colorado travel diary from when the hubs and I took a road trip with my parents to Colorado! It’s one of my favorite places to visit and these sights never get old.



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Platform Booties

platform booties, platform boots, fall fashion, fall fashion inspo

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Hey y’all and happy Friday! I’m not sure what the plan is for this weekend, but I’m very excited to sleep in – haha! It’s also still rainy up here in DC but the cool weather feels perfect! We’re staying in the 60’s or right around 70. How’s the weather where you live?

Earlier this week though my husband and I made the trek into the city since we won a vacation..woohooo! I will definitely do a full review of this at a later date once we get further into the process. But it felt amazing outside and I found a cute street, so it was the perfect time to take some Fall fashion photos – with my favorite platform booties.

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These booties might look uncomfortable, but they are the most comfortable booties I own! I really think that can be credited to the platform in it. It takes away some of the pressure put on your feet by heels and lets you walk a little flatter but with support.

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Blanket Scarf and a Chambray Dress

Hey y’all! Who else is so ready for fall fashion on the daily?! I got to wear my favorite blanket scarf and a chambray dress over the weekend. We took our pup to the dog park to enjoy the beautiful weather. I also did a full tutorial on 10 ways to wear a blanket scarf in under 5 minutes – check it out HERE!

blanket scarf, chambray dress, fall fashion inspo blanket scarf, chambray dress, fall fashion inspo blanket scarf, chambray dress, fall fashion inspo blanket scarf, chambray dress, fall fashion inspo blanket scarf, chambray dress, fall fashion inspo blanket scarf, chambray dress, fall fashion inspo


As happy as I am that the weather has finally cooled down, I just know I’m going to regret it in a few months! I’m definitely a warm weather person, but I just love the holidays, fall clothes, and the cozi-ness. Fingers crossed we don’t get another blizzard this year!

The weather is going to be rainy the rest of the week, so I’m ready to make some pumpkin spice everything, pull out all my leggings, and watch a ton of netflix! Too bad my husband is already getting tired of pumpkin flavored stuff.. is that even possible?!

Anyways, I have a feeling I’ll be living in this chambray dress all Fall. It fits so comfortably and is long enough to be cool-weather appropriate. I’m thinking of pairing it like this with a blanket scarf, with flannel or a warm leather jacket all season long!

As usual, you can shop this look and similar products of all price ranges in the slider below. I’d also love to know! Do you like a slider over separate links? Would you like to see a separate slider for each clothing item? Let me know in the comments!

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10 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

ways to wear a blanket scarf, how to wear a blanket scarf

Hey y’all! Happy Monday! Today I’m back with a brand new video – 10 ways to wear a blanket scarf! These are all super easy and quick and I’m basically obsessed for Fall. And it’s finally in the 70’s everyday outside.. I actually wore this scarf outside and wasn’t burning up! Winning!

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I also linked some similar blanket scarfs in the slider below. My obsession is no joke! The best part about a blanket scarf is that you can also use it as a blanket (duh).. talk about a winter travel essential!

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