New York Fashion Week – The Trends

Hey y’all,

Today I’m back with my report from New York Fashion Week – The Trends! I’ll be talking the top 3 trends I saw for Fall 2017 at NYFW and then some picks for how you can wear the trends in normal, everyday life.

My vlog went up about a week ago and I’m so excited to finally be able to share my experience. If you have any questions about being invited, the experience, finding a hotel – ANYTHING – leave it in the comments for a post coming up!


nyfw hakan akkaya nyfw hakan akkaya nyfw hakan akkaya nyfw hakan akkaya

1. All about the angles. Sharp lines were all the rage on the runway – from tilted skirt hems to straight edge off-the-shoulder tops. And I have to say, I really like it. There are so many ways to mix angles to flatter any body shape. Go for short angles to accentuate a feature and longer angles to create a long and lean illusion. Angles can also be mixed with more feminine clothing items to mix styles and create an edgy-classic outfit.

nyfw hakan akkaya


nyfw yuna yang

2. Mix those materials. Leather with mesh, velvet with silk – mixing materials seemed to appear in every single outfit! This isn’t a new thought in the fashion world, but it’s back with a vengeance. It’s the perfect way to wear a monochromatic outfit but still not look one-dimensional. Mix and match items in this slider.


3. Take risks! I personally felt like all of the styles showcased on the runways were taking risks and pushing boundaries. Personally, the second day of NYFW was when I really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and wore an outfit I would normally never wear (photographed above). But you just have to werk it! Showcase your personal style no matter what it is and you will look AMAZING! This was the time I felt the most confident and the only time I was photographed by street photographers. Obviously, other people should not make you feel validated – but it’s pretty cool, right?! 🙂 Also, another given that runway styles are going to be pushing limits, but I think it’s a great takeaway and the best inspiration for all of us in our everyday lives to own our personal styles.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of the trends from NYFW! Again – any comments about attending, getting invited, styles, ANYTHING – leave in the comments!


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  1. Funny you mentioned it because I would actually LOVE to read a post all about how you got invited to fashion week and what it was like etc! That kind of stuff interests me so much.

    That’s so cool that you were photographed by street photographers and I definitely want to start taking more fashion risks this year 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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