My (Controversial) Opinion: Black Friday

We’re officially a week away from Thanksgiving, and I could not be more excited! It’s finally time to eat good food, spend time with family, decorate the tree, and have a super festive 6 weeks! My favorite time of the year.

Something else also starts a week from now.. and that is.. Black Friday!

Black Friday Shopping

Let’s start with the fact that I have never gone Black Friday shopping. I have, though, worked 3 Black Friday seasons in retail. So I think I have a pretty good grasp from the view of an employee. And this year I’m venturing out for my first Black Friday shopping trip.

I always vowed that I would never shop this day.. not for any good, deep reason, but just because I know from experience how insanely hectic it could be. I worked at two retail stores – Ann Taylor Loft and Justice, so I got the hyper little girls and professional adult women, but no matter where I was, it was inevitably busy.

But it seems that people get very annoyed at the fact that places are opening at midnight of Thanksgiving and workers aren’t getting to enjoy time with their families. So here’s where my controversial opinion comes in.

Although it’s unfortunate that people are forced to work during the holidays, this is an expectation when you begin employment in retail. I actually think it’s on the application of every retail job I applied for; “are you willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays?” And unless you’re one of the 2 or 3 lucky (managers), you’re going to be working Black Friday. There’s just no getting out of it!

And with this expectation, I feel that employees have an understanding of what they have to do. When getting a job, they are most likely told that they will have to work Black Friday. And because of this, I tend to disagree with the growing opinion and negative connotation of Black Friday. (Don’t hate)

I had to work Christmas Eve, New Years, get there at 5am on the weekends for floor set, and work a lot of times when it might have been an inconvenience. But even once I left retail, I would find myself still going back to help out as an extra employee on Black Friday. Although it’s hectic, it’s a really exciting, high energy day – and it was almost really fun.

So what do you think about Black Friday? Will you be making the trek out this year? Any tips?

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