Let’s talk: Blogging Motivation

Hey yall,

This ones for all the other bloggers out there! But really, this can apply to anything. Lately, I’ve been struggling with juggling a million things and it’s super hard to stick to something that gets, well, hard. 

Especially if you’re a blogger who wants to build your brand; build a career (and let’s be honest, I think most bloggers would love that), the journey can be really discouraging! After so many sleepless nights and stressful let-downs, there’s bound to be a time or two where it’s hard to keep that motivation. That’s why it takes true dedication to stick to your passion. And full disclosure: although I’m writing this to share my tips to help anyone else feeling discouraged, it might also be to give myself a little extra pep!

1. Think about how far you’ve come. Whether you have 100 followers or thousands, you started with 0. Everyone starts from nothing. So just thinking about every small accomplishment can spark the same thing in you that started it all. So rev that drive back up and get back to work! It’s obviously working if you look at every little success. Everything takes time.
2. Look at others as your “goal.” And no, I’m not talking about when someone posts a picture at the beach and you say “LIFE GOALS” on Instagram. I mean, take a look at someone who’s reached the level that you want to reach. Inspect how they got there and watch their trail. Take bits of advice that you can use and run with it. And seeing that someone else has reached success will help remind you that it’s 100% possible.

3. Failure happens. Yes, you will lose some followers. Yes, you’ll deal with people rejecting your work or putting you down. But that’s life. Count yourself lucky that people are noticing you enough to put you down – that means you’ve made it somewhere. And keep going. Learn from it!


4. Take a break! I think this might be the most important. If you’re really, really not feeling it, take a step back. If you do it anyways it won’t be your best work. And after a burn out, a vacation is a must! And if you can’t literally take a vacation – we’re not all that lucky – take even just a few minutes and look back at pictures of trips you’ve taken or peaceful scenery and try to relax. Go to bed early to take some time to lay down in the dark and just chill (my favorite thing to do.. Weird?). Be sure to give yourself some time off every now and then!

And those are my top 4 tips for extra motivation if you ever feel down. How do you stay motivated? 
Happy (basically) Friday! 🙂

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