Hey y’all!

So I just got back from traveling for work. It was warm and sunny in Texas, then I woke up to a few inches of now yesterday in DC! Needless to say my allergies are going absolutely crazy. BUT I only have a couple of weeks before I’ll be in New York for fashion week and I’m beyond excited.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse mentioning NYFW in every post, but this has been a huge goal of mine for years. I was backstage manager for NWA fashion week and worked a few shows/galas backstage, but this is an amazing opportunity that I’m incredibly thankful to have. Be sure to follow along with my blog here and on snapchat here to come along with me!

This outfit was taken a couple of months ago (oops) playing around with layers for the cooler weather. I love the look of a dress paired with a cozy sweater. In this case, you can even see a collar which is a nice touch for a winter outfit. Additionally, layering a sweater is the perfect way to take a summer dress year-round!

layers 1 layers 2 layers 3



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