LAZY Sweatshirt

Hey y’all! So in case you didn’t see my announcement post yesterday.. I’m going to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! In case I didn’t already emphasize it enough, I’m pretty darn excited. Follow along with my blog and youtube channel to come with me on my journey!

In this post, I’m sharing a lazy sweater that I’m obsessed with. I’m normally not huge into a graphic sweatshirt or tee, but this one is insanely comfortable. Instead of wearing it in a usual casual outfit, I decided to dress it up with some booties and a pencil skirt for easier every day use! This pencil skirt is also crazy comfortable.. perfect for a lazy girl! ha!

lazy sweatshirt 2 lazy sweatshirt 3 lazy sweatshirt 4 lazy sweatshirt 5 lazy sweatshirt 6 lazy sweatshirt 8 lazy sweatshirt 9 lazy sweatshirt


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