Fitness Friday: Challenge 1

Hey y’all,

Fitness Friday is making a comeback! I used to have this series on my blog probably over a year ago. Actually, well over a year ago.. where I would share healthy recipes, workout videos, workout clothes, motivation, etc. I’m feeling motivated to get back in shape and figure sharing it on here is actually a great way to hold myself accountable.

fitness friday, workout motivation

Each week I’ll be posting a “challenge” of sorts that I’m hoping some of you might do along with me! Nothing crazy, but little things to do each day for a week that pave the way to a healthier lifestyle. So here is Fitness Friday: Challenge 1!

This week we will… walk more! The goal is 10,000 steps each day. If you don’t have an activity tracker, most smart phones track this now as well, so no excuses! 🙂

There’s easy ways to get moving – walk around while you’re on a call, take your dog on an extra walk, take the stairs, park further away from the door. So let’s do this! And have a great weekend!

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