Finals (sort of) Style

Hey y’all,

So yesterday I mentioned that it was my last day of finals and… I’m finished! Today it’s off to TX to see my family and y’all seriously have NO idea how happy I am for this much needed break from school!

I think everyone can pretty much agree that during finals week, fashion is the last priority. That being said, I actually made the extra effort to not look like a mess yesterday – haha! Whether that was actually wanting to look presentable or as a procrastination technique from studying.. that’ll just remain unsaid 🙂 I also figured that normally on blogs people only post pictures of nice outfits and styles for going out (myself included), so I thought it’d be a nice change to show y’all what I actually look like on not-so-great days!

So here was my OOTD for my day of finals:


Top – Target | Jacket – North Face | Yoga capris – Target | Shoes – Payless

And yes.. I do use an actual backpack. Am I alone in that?! I know people at my University use them, but the BF definitely made fun of this being like a kid’s first-day-of-school picture that parents take. Haha – so funny!

Til next time..


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