Fancy to Fit-Wear

Hey yall,

So since I have to squeeze in my workouts around days at the office, I try to make my outfits as functional as possible. Something that can make the fast switch is always a good thing! Here are my top tips for transitional pieces that can take you from the office or class to a day out to the gym..


1. Yes, leggings ARE pants! I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a strong believer in wearing leggings anywhere. But I’m not talking about thin see through leggings that will show your behind to everyone and their mom – but thick, substantial leggings with a top that’s long enough to cover yourself up! That way you can just change a top or your shoes and you’re on your way.

2. Invest in good quality, but casual, staples. I have one v-neck that I bought over 3 years ago that’s still my all time favorite shirt. I wear it for nights out dressing it up, for lounging around with leggings, or yes.. To the gym. Having tops that can withstand a little wear can make it really easy to transition between looking put together and heading for a workout!

3. Use a versatile bag. Nobody wants to take their fancy, investment purse into the gym and leave it in a locker or on the side of the room – risky! Instead, carry around a cute backpack or small gym bag with just your essentials. I just pack my gym shoes, heart rate monitor, and hair ties since I’m always ready to go otherwise with my first two tips! Use something cheap since you may be putting gross gym clothes in their or it could get misplaced or dirty. And it can still be super cute!

So there you have it – my 3 ways to always be ready to make the switch FAST from fancy to fit wear. How do you prep to go to the gym? Do you try to keep your clothes functional, too?


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