Faded Neon

Hey yall,

I have big news – I GOT NEW SNEAKERS! Woohoo! Last time I got workout shoes was about 2 years ago.. So I think it was time. But this time, I actually found shoes that I feel ok wearing out (other than to the gym). That’s a rare one! But not with jeans. Never with jeans 

Top – Target | Cardigan – H&M | Leggings – Target | Sneakers – Payless

I love the color of these shoes, since they’re the perfect slightly faded neon for the warmer months! Speaking of warmer months – is anyone else as ready as I am for some hot weather?! I seriously cannot wait. Towards the end of winter, I feel like I’m in a constant down mood. Just me? And here in dallas in the 10 days before yesterday, we only had six hours of sunlight. SIX HOURS?! Talk about bad mood! But the sun is out, the ice is melting, and I’m more than ready for spring! But at least these shoes are adding a touch of spring to my gym get-up or super casual outfit! Now enough rambling.. Happy Friday 🙂

Ps. Have you seen my latest video? My relaxing night time skin care routine!

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