Europe Day 1: London

Gooood morning everyone! I want to take y’all through my Europe trip and share my travels with you, so coming up over the next couple weeks you’ll find travel tips, location recaps, hotel and airline reviews, outfit posts, and some vlogs! First up, London.

We ended up spending New Years in London (more to come later), but we had a 14 hour layover in London on our way to Spain. This was the day we got to really sightsee the touristy sights with a friend who lives there, and walked over 23,000 steps on 40 hours of no sleep… Nbd. I still had an amazing time and thought I’d share some London Highlights with y’all!

We started out by walking from our friends house to the tube station, and I just think the architecture of the houses there is gorgeous.

neighborhood in london

And then… COFFEE. Nuff said. And how cute is it?! Very cute.. I know.



After grabbing some caffeine, one of our first stops was to see St. Pauls Cathedral. We didn’t tour inside, but I was happy just seeing the massive size of it and the beautiful detailing on the outside. It really is a sight to see!

st pauls 2

st pauls cathedral


And it wouldn’t be a touristy day in London without seeing Buckingham Palace, would it?! It almost weirded me out the way there were hundreds of people outside of this house where people actually live. It must be strange to have people outside of your home all the time taking photos! It was pretty cool to see in person after hearing so much about it, though.

buckingham palace


Then we just strolled around town and grabbed some lunch before taking a quick nap and heading to the airport to head to spain. We only had about 12 hours in London this day, but don’t worry.. We’ll be back! We did stop by one of the bridges to get this cool view, though.

from london bridge


There will be another post on London, but this was our first day in Europe and the day we really saw the main highlights of the city. The architecture in this city is gorgeous, and you really can’t capture the magnitude of the sights in photos. We got to see parliament and the embassies,  which were also very cool – but I didn’t get as many pictures as I would’ve liked just due to exhaustion! And the cold… it was cold.



Stay tuned so you can catch my next post on London when we came back for New Years! I also have part 1 of my Europe vlog up here!


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