CITYSTRONG & a Bachelorette Interview

Hey y’all,

Happy Monday! Today I’m here with a post that is WAY overdue! I’m sharing my vlog from citystrong & a bachelorette interview!

A couple of months ago, I was invited to attend CITYSTRONG Dallas! In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a workout class hosted by Kaitlyn Bristowe (the Bachelorette), Shawn Booth (fiance of the bachelorette), and Erin Oprea (an amazing celebrity trainer). Shawn and Erin take you through a crazy GOOD workout while Kaitlyn dj’s and drinks wine.. except my class fell in sober February, but she was amazing!

I was also lucky enough to get to go backstage, sit down with them, and talk for a bit – so be sure to watch my videos for some snippets of our conversation. I have to say that they were all so kind and SO down to earth. It was an amazing experience!



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Make Money Blogging – An Interview

Hey y’all,

I’m so excited today because I’m back with a FIRST EVER interview on Trend Keeper.

I was browsing twitter a few days ago when I came across Krista Aoki. She blogs HERE and has incredibly interesting posts for anyone interested in the blogging industry. What caught my eye was this post she did about her monthly income update. She has been very successful in a really short period of time. Coming from someone who has been blogging for a couple of years now, I was impressed to say the least! So immediately I had to reach out and see if she would be willing to answer a few questions for all of you and I’m hyped to share this with all of you.

Without further adieu… the interview! A huge thank you to Krista and be sure to check out her blog (on a side note, she’s super nice!). 


1. What motivated you to start blogging?

​Honestly I’ve been blogging since I was in middle school and maintaining a Livejournal was just the cool thing to do.
But towards the end of last year I was on a nice winter hike with one of my good friends. She had read some of the very passionate posts I wrote on my personal blog. And she asked me, “Do you make money from your blog?”
What?!?! I thought. You can make money blogging?
So earlier this year, in January, I thought about what she said. I started researching more and more about blogging for profit. And I thought, wow. If these people can do it, having not known what they were doing before, so can I.​ 

2. If you had 3 tips to give to a new blogger, what would they be?

​1. If you want to earn money blogging, go self-hosted. It’s not a gimmick. Having your own domain and what comes with it makes you look all-around more professional. Plus, with self-hosted WordPress, you can go to great lengths to customize your blog to make a user experience fantastic.
2. Make sure you have all social media platforms for your blog (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, Pinterest, and even Google+). You don’t need to master all of those platforms right away. At the start, choose two to focus on and go from there.
3. Blogging takes a lot of time and organization. Since it does take a lot of time, make sure the niche you choose to write about is something you feel passionate about. At first I had a “style” category on my blog. Then I realized I couldn’t really talk for days about style, because I don’t really have any. Haha!

3. What’s your favorite social media platform, and why?

​I LOVE​ using Facebook. On my Facebook page, I can share stories with my readers. It’s like a mini blog page where I can really get personal and let my readers know what drove me to write an article.

4. What are your goals for your blog? And are you currently blogging full time?

​Although I’m not blogging full time, I would LOVE to turn blogging into a career.​ I might start out consulting first. You know, reviewing others’ blogs and helping them target areas of improvement. I think I have an eye for that. Eventually, I’d like to write an eBook or design a course to help others build a beautiful, successful blog.
Right now, I blog on the side. It’s a little difficult. But, my boyfriend and I rarely have any free time together (I think we share one day off per month! haha). So working on my blog gives me something fulfilling to do in my free time when he’s not around.

5. What do you use to inspire you if you ever hit bloggers-block or get worn out?

​If I ever get bloggers block or worn out, I go on a run with my dog or take a day off from blogging. I normally come back refreshed and inspired!

I also have a huge list of ideas to write about (some are okay, some are bad, some are great). So I never worry about what to publish.

Thanks again to Krista for her time and I hope you all enjoy her advice!
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Instagram Lately

Hey y’all! Happy Monday to ya! Today I’m sharing some of my latest instagram posts, and you should definitely follow me there. I’ve been loving Instagram lately so I figured I’d share my latest snaps with you. Be sure to leave your Instagram handles in the comments! Im always looking for new accounts to follow. I’ve also added in the sliders featured from posts with pictures below.. so happy shopping 🙂


Have a great day!


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Instagram Lately

Can I get a FriYAY?! I could not be more ready for this weekend! Flashing back to last weekends trip to the beach, I decided to do another Instagram roundup since its been a while. Follow me HERE


Leave me your instagrams in the comments! Have a great weekends

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Europe Day 1: London

Gooood morning everyone! I want to take y’all through my Europe trip and share my travels with you, so coming up over the next couple weeks you’ll find travel tips, location recaps, hotel and airline reviews, outfit posts, and some vlogs! First up, London.

We ended up spending New Years in London (more to come later), but we had a 14 hour layover in London on our way to Spain. This was the day we got to really sightsee the touristy sights with a friend who lives there, and walked over 23,000 steps on 40 hours of no sleep… Nbd. I still had an amazing time and thought I’d share some London Highlights with y’all!

We started out by walking from our friends house to the tube station, and I just think the architecture of the houses there is gorgeous.

neighborhood in london

And then… COFFEE. Nuff said. And how cute is it?! Very cute.. I know.



After grabbing some caffeine, one of our first stops was to see St. Pauls Cathedral. We didn’t tour inside, but I was happy just seeing the massive size of it and the beautiful detailing on the outside. It really is a sight to see!

st pauls 2

st pauls cathedral


And it wouldn’t be a touristy day in London without seeing Buckingham Palace, would it?! It almost weirded me out the way there were hundreds of people outside of this house where people actually live. It must be strange to have people outside of your home all the time taking photos! It was pretty cool to see in person after hearing so much about it, though.

buckingham palace


Then we just strolled around town and grabbed some lunch before taking a quick nap and heading to the airport to head to spain. We only had about 12 hours in London this day, but don’t worry.. We’ll be back! We did stop by one of the bridges to get this cool view, though.

from london bridge


There will be another post on London, but this was our first day in Europe and the day we really saw the main highlights of the city. The architecture in this city is gorgeous, and you really can’t capture the magnitude of the sights in photos. We got to see parliament and the embassies,  which were also very cool – but I didn’t get as many pictures as I would’ve liked just due to exhaustion! And the cold… it was cold.



Stay tuned so you can catch my next post on London when we came back for New Years! I also have part 1 of my Europe vlog up here!


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Travel Tips: Long Flights

Before the last month, The longest flight id ever been on was about 4 hours to Costa Rica. But after my recent trip to Europe, I feel like I can shed some more light on the fear of long flights and tips to get you through it! 

I’d like to preface this by saying that flying makes me quite nervous. No matter how many flights I’ve been on – well over 30 in the past year, and 10 in the last month – I always get slightly scared the day of the flight. I absolutely hate take off.. Well, I hate pretty much all of it except landing. Until now! Long flights really are a great chance to unwind and disconnect from the world. You have no excuse but to have some you time and get excited for the destination ahead. 

1. Check to see if your flight has entertainment. If you’re flying overseas, wifi may not be available. See if you can find out if your plane will have in flight movies or individual entertainment TVs so you can be prepared. My 6 hour flight to London had none of the above and I mistakenly didn’t download any movies! My 8 hour flight back had both, and it was extremely enjoyable. Be prepared, and if you won’t have entertainment provided, download some of your favorite shows, movies, or playlists to keep you occupied on a personal device.. And keep those in your personal item under your seat.

2. Flying is actually really safe.  It’s easy to be a little intimidated by the idea of flying in the air for hours on end, but seriously, it’s a lot safer than driving your car to school or work everyday. The chances of an accident are about the same as winning the lottery (or less), so try to relax and enjoy soaring through the sky! Plus, once you get up to 36,000 feet, there’s not really anywhere you can go. This might be getting a little philosophical, but sometimes it helps to just accept where you are and live.

3. Have your necessities. For me, this means making lists a couple weeks ahead of time. I’ll still inevitably forget something, but it’s the thought that counts, right? (Kidding, don’t forget anything) You’ll need..

  1. An eye mask, even if you don’t sleep on planes
  2. A neck pillow. They’ll give you a pillow, but it’s not nearly as comfortable.
  3. Headphones
  4. Comfortable shoes
  5. A scarf/blanket. Again, they’ll give you one, but it can get chilly – especially if you try to sleep
  6. Skin care. Face wipes can go a long way when you land!
  7. Ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper or can’t stand the sound of planes

4. Take advantage of the amenities. You’ll get free hot meals (if this is a long enough flight), soft drinks, free beer/wine for those of you of age, and chances are the planes are a whole lot nicer. If you make the effort to enjoy a long flight, you’ll really forget you’re even on a flight! 
I hope these simple tips help ease you into your next long flight! I was extremely nervous before my longest flights, and now I have no idea why. Now, my legs might get a little restless on something like a 20 hour flight, but these tips can calm your mind so you can enjoy the start of your next trip.

What’s the longest flight you’ve been on? Do you have any tips? 

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! My Europe vlog is being edited as you read this. 

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3 Ingredient Fudge | Blogmas #15

This last weekend my mom attempted an almost impossible task.. To teach me how to bake! So get ready for some amazing dessert recipes this week. Today, I’m sharing with you a super easy, 3 ingredient fudge recipe. ITS SO GOOD YALL. Not taking credit for this recipe (thanks, mom)

  1. White chocolate
  2. 1 can condensed milk
  3. Vanilla extract

I’m not lying when I say it’s easy.

First of all, heat a burner to medium-low heat and add a can of condensed milk. Go ahead and add a bag of white chocolate chips (or whatever chocolate chips you prefer) and keep an eye on it!


Once everything is melted, add about a teaspoon of Vanilla. Then pour into a baking dish and let it harden!

Happy baking! Don’t forget to follow so you never miss a post!

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Instagram Lately | Blogmas #13

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s the start of a new week and I’m kicking it off with another edition of Instagram lately. Don’t forget to follow me here


A peppermint martini recipe perfect for a winter party! Recipe here.

A view of the Dallas skyline from this weekend.. Beautiful!

  My new fave winter jacket, featured in this post  

That sunset tho.

One of my favorite outfits I’ve featured, here

   My decorated Christmas tree! 

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Peppermint Martini

I’ve been bad at blogmas y’all. The past week peso has been stressful and busy and yesterday I hit my wall.. We all have one. I was exhausted to the point of feeling sick and just needed some time to recoup and re-energize! It happens to us all, but now I’m back feeling much better and ready to continue with #blogmas!

Today I’m sharing with you a peppermint martini recipe! What you’ll need..

  • Vodka
  • Peppermint Schnapps
  • White Sugar

First, I like to lightly wet the edges of the martini glasses and put them on a plate of sugar. 

Then, either get a shaker or a glass (if you don’t have a shaker) and put in some ice, 2 parts vodka and 1 part peppermint schnapps. Depending on your taste, you can also add some sugar up to how sweet you want it!

Shake and pour in the glasses. It’s super easy, and super festive!  Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin if you want more holiday inspired posts. Cheers!


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