Fitness Friday

My fitness posts are back!

Normally, I try to go to the gym 4 or 5 days a week. Sometimes, though, that just isn’t reasonable! Some days are busier than others and I’m not really one to do work-out tapes, etc at home. If I know that my couch is 5 feet away..why would I not be sitting in it?

So some fast, no-bore, ways to complete a workout at home are circuit workouts.

I’ve found most of my circuit workouts either on pinterest or Peanut Butter Fingers. I’m going to share with you some of my absolute favorites!


18-Minutes Closer to Flat Abs: Plank Workout


cool idea

What are your favorite workouts?


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“Junk” food

Hey y’all!

So basically for a while now I’ve been trying to work out a lot more and eat healthier…which doesn’t always happen. Then I had a great idea! One or two of my posts a week will be featuring fitness or healthy eating. Maybe if y’all keep me accountable, I’ll actually do it 🙂

I know this is a fashion blog (which it will stay), but if you’re reading my blog I want you to actually know me. I want to talk about my life and hear about yours too!

So today, I was actually inspired by a Nikki Phillippi video I saw last night where she shared her favorite healthy junk food. I’ve been trying out some new healthy snacks lately and figured I should share my top 3!

healthy snacks

1 – Kale chips. I made this recipe last night and it was uh-mazing! The best part – one serving of these are only 50 calories with 2g of fiber. They’re super good for you! They sound gross, but taste great. Trust me.

2 – 100 calorie popcorn. I’m kind of obsessed. I already love popcorn and what’s better than a 100 calorie bag? That also means I can eat 3 at once..right? (Just kidding..kind of)

3 – Strawberries with brown sugar. Yum! It’s the best healthy dessert I can think of. With only 4 calories per strawberry (with vitamin C and potassium) along with 1 tsp of brown sugar coming in at just 17 calories – can you get any better than that? And it tastes amazing!


What are your favorite healthy snacks?


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Workin on my fitness


So if you know me personally, you probably already know that working out is a HUGE part of my life! I try to go 5 days a week (although honestly, that usually doesn’t actually happen), and what’s a better motivator than cute clothes?

I know I’m more likely to head to the gym or out for a run if I feel good in what I’m wearing. That’s why I love buying workout clothes. The only problem is – they’re usually pretty dang expensive! The only pieces I’ve ever really invested in are norts and nike running shoes.

My norts (nike shorts) are super comfortable, but I haven’t bought a new pair in a few years. I have a couple that have REALLY lasted – so if you’re looking for a good investment pair, I highly recommend.

My running shoes are also Nike, and I’ve had those for about a year now. I really like them because they have a tiny hole in the sole of the shoe where I can place a tracker that syncs up with my phone to track my runs. I definitely recommend that too!

BUT, in the spirit of being a broke college student and trying to save my money now-a-days, my go-to places to buy workout clothes are Victoria’s Secret and Target. In this post, I’m going to feature all target clothing, since they always have great prices and it’s where I almost always turn to!

workout clothing

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I have a FULL day of buying boxes, packing, and organizing ahead of me. Especially considering I haven’t even started til today and I’m moving tomorrow! My boyfriend and I will go pick up our keys to the new place bright and early tomorrow and my parents will be getting here shortly after to start moving everything. I love being moved but hate moving!

Even though I’ll spend the next 8 hours (at least) packing, I’m about to head to the gym right now!

What are your favorite workouts and workout clothes?



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