CITYSTRONG & a Bachelorette Interview

Hey y’all,

Happy Monday! Today I’m here with a post that is WAY overdue! I’m sharing my vlog from citystrong & a bachelorette interview!

A couple of months ago, I was invited to attend CITYSTRONG Dallas! In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a workout class hosted by Kaitlyn Bristowe (the Bachelorette), Shawn Booth (fiance of the bachelorette), and Erin Oprea (an amazing celebrity trainer). Shawn and Erin take you through a crazy GOOD workout while Kaitlyn dj’s and drinks wine.. except my class fell in sober February, but she was amazing!

I was also lucky enough to get to go backstage, sit down with them, and talk for a bit – so be sure to watch my videos for some snippets of our conversation. I have to say that they were all so kind and SO down to earth. It was an amazing experience!



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Fitness Friday: Challenge 1

Hey y’all,

Fitness Friday is making a comeback! I used to have this series on my blog probably over a year ago. Actually, well over a year ago.. where I would share healthy recipes, workout videos, workout clothes, motivation, etc. I’m feeling motivated to get back in shape and figure sharing it on here is actually a great way to hold myself accountable.

fitness friday, workout motivation

Each week I’ll be posting a “challenge” of sorts that I’m hoping some of you might do along with me! Nothing crazy, but little things to do each day for a week that pave the way to a healthier lifestyle. So here is Fitness Friday: Challenge 1!

This week we will…ย walk more!ย The goal is 10,000 steps each day. If you don’t have an activity tracker, most smart phones track this now as well, so no excuses! ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s easy ways to get moving – walk around while you’re on a call, take your dog on an extra walk, take the stairs, park further away from the door. So let’s do this! And have a great weekend!

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Winter Workout Motivation

Happy Monday everyone! Who else is ready to start this week out right?! (Maybe if I’m positive on my post I’ll actually have a produce Monday.. Ha!)

Now that I’ve moved to the northeast I’ve had to adjust to the crazy weather change and find a way to stay motivated during the super cold weather. It’s a lot easier if I can tell I’m about to be at the pool, but winter is the perfect time to start a healthy lifestyle so you feel your best during those warmer months. Here are my top tips to stay motivated when the temperatures are cold enough to make you wish you were in bed all day!

1. Layer up! If you’re working out outside or going for a run, be sure to wear several light layers. You might warm up once you get moving, but better safe than sorry. For my run on the national mall I wore leggings and a tank top with a light pullover. You might also want some earmuffs or gloves if it’s cold where you live.

2. You never regret a workout. I have to tell myself this all the time – but no matter how much you want to relax, you’ll never regret pushing yourself through exercise. You’ll have more energy and it will help with your overall productivity.. Which is a huge plus during the winter blues.

3. Get workout clothes you actually like. It can be easy to think since you’re just exercising you don’t need to look cute – but if you feel good in your clothes it might motivate you a little more to get outside and get going. You can’t let a good outfit go to waste, after all!

4.  Break it up. If you can’t bring yourself to get to the gym or outside for a full workout session, break it up into smaller 5 minute workout sessions throughout the day. Do some squats while you heat up your lunch or take a break from work to walk up and down the stairs in your building! All the small sessions will add up and boost your energy.

These are my top tips for getting moving during winter! Let me know if you have any tips in the comments.


Sweater – North Face | Leggings – Ross, similar here | Sneakers – Payless

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Tone Up Thursday: Wake Up Early

Today I’m talking all about making yourself wake up early to get a workout in! Now, I’m by no means 100% perfect at waking up to fit in a sweat session.. but I’m getting better. I try to get up at least 3 days a week to fit in a workout before I head to the office.

There are a few tips I’ve used to make getting up in the morning a little easier and get myself to the gym!

1. Something is better than nothing. Let’s say you’ve snoozed for an extra 15 or 20 minutes.. so what?! Even if you only have 20 minutes to get moving, it’s something. Don’t miss out on the chance to sweat a little and start your day on the right note. It’s easy to think that you’ve already snoozed so you might as well forget the thought of a workout, but you NEVER regret a workout!

2. You really won’t miss out on much sleep. For me personally, I set my alarm to 6AM when I plan to workout in the morning. Let’s say I wake up at 6 and decide to go back to sleep.. Realistically, I won’t get more than 15 or 20 minutes more of solid sleep time (when you count the time to fall back asleep and extra snoozing.. let’s be realistic). SO let’s make the most of our time. 20 minutes won’t make that much of a difference! This is the most important motivating factor for me.

3. If you go back to sleep, you’ll be more tired. This sounds like an oxymoron, but this is SO true. You might be a little tired right when you wake up, but if you go back to sleep for an extra half hour, you’ll be even more tired and it’ll be THAT much harder to wake up. It’s much easier to just get moving and take advantage of your early morning.

4. Set your alarm across the room… and don’t get back in bed. Set it on your dresser on the way to your bathroom or on the floor in the hallway right by your workout clothes. Make turning off your alarm on the way to getting ready for a great workout. Resist the temptation to get back in bed! You never regret a workout and I swear you’ll feel much more energized.

5. Get your clothes ready the night before. Heck, even SLEEP in your workout clothes. But further than that, get your post-workout clothes ready in a convenient spot and pick your shoes and pack your lunch ahead of time. That way you have a little extra time for a longer workout (or if you press snooze a time or 2, it won’t cut out too much time.. But don’t snooze ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

And here are my top tips for waking up early to workout! Let me know if you have any tips in the comments. 

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Hey yall,

So I’m getting married in one month from today! It’s absolutely insane how fast the past almost year and a half since I got engaged has flown by, and I know the next 31 days will zoom past too. Thank goodness most of the planning is done, and I’m so excited to be married!

But with one month from the special day, I’ve been revamping my health kick I’ve been on for a while and ramping it up a notch. I normally try to watch what I eat, fit in more veggies into my diet, and stay active – but now that I’m in the last stretch I’m trying to really stay focused!

Now obviously a wedding is not about how you look, and the most important thing is that I’m getting to marry the love of my life (sappy, but true)! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look my best and more importantly – FEEL my best – on this important day. I want to feel good about myself, have energy to enjoy the reception, feel rested and energized for our honeymoon, and start this chapter feeling healthy and happy. Being healthy isn’t just about appearances, but it makes a huge difference in attitude and energy levels! And wanting to look my best is just another plus! So I have some goals I’m going to stick to for the next few weeks for my bridal countdown… Anyone else with me?

1. Make healthy eating a lifestyle habit. Instead of eating healthy because I have to, I want to be in the habit of it and enjoy it. I know that I’ve already stopped wanting a lot of the unhealthy food I used to eat, and I’ve been trying to branch out and try new foods!

2. Workout 5 days a week with active rest days. In my opinion, an overall active lifestyle is the best way to stay healthy. I’ve been trying to take my dog on more walks, park farther from the door, etc in order to incorporate activity in normal activities. I also have my 10,000 step goal with my UP band, but that is hard to reach! So reaching that goal more often would be great.

3. Drink 10 glasses of water a day. This one normally isn’t too hard for me. At least while I’m at work, I drink a ton of water. The weekends are my weakness since I’m not just sitting at my desk with my water tumbler. So I want to make sure to stick with it every day!

Do you want to try any of these healthy habits with me?! Leave a comment with your healthy goals to be featured in Friday’s post! 

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Healthy Snacks: Office Must-Haves

Hey yall,

This week I’m starting off by stocking up my office desk with healthy snacks! I’m getting close to my wedding and beach honeymoon (and summer will be here soon after) and I’m going full force healthy-mode! So by keeping these snacks on hand, it’ll keep me from running to get chips or fast food when I get a little hangry.

I pretty much start every day with the Trader Joes Green Smoothie and I’m obsessed with it! I also bring along a Probiotic Yogurt Drink, Carrots, Almond Butter, Berries, Whole Wheat Bread, and Snap Pea Crisps. If you haven’t had snap pea crisps – you are seriously missing out! They’re light to eat but taste amazing. Also, it’s not pictured since it’s always at my desk, but I always keep green tea on hand to drink instead of coffee!

And there you have it! My office snack essentials. What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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Faded Neon

Hey yall,

I have big news – I GOT NEW SNEAKERS! Woohoo! Last time I got workout shoes was about 2 years ago.. So I think it was time. But this time, I actually found shoes that I feel ok wearing out (other than to the gym). That’s a rare one! But not with jeans. Never with jeans 

Top – Target | Cardigan – H&M | Leggings – Target | Sneakers – Payless

I love the color of these shoes, since they’re the perfect slightly faded neon for the warmer months! Speaking of warmer months – is anyone else as ready as I am for some hot weather?! I seriously cannot wait. Towards the end of winter, I feel like I’m in a constant down mood. Just me? And here in dallas in the 10 days before yesterday, we only had six hours of sunlight. SIX HOURS?! Talk about bad mood! But the sun is out, the ice is melting, and I’m more than ready for spring! But at least these shoes are adding a touch of spring to my gym get-up or super casual outfit! Now enough rambling.. Happy Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

Ps. Have you seen my latest video? My relaxing night time skin care routine!

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Fancy to Fit-Wear

Hey yall,

So since I have to squeeze in my workouts around days at the office, I try to make my outfits as functional as possible. Something that can make the fast switch is always a good thing! Here are my top tips for transitional pieces that can take you from the office or class to a day out to the gym..


1. Yes, leggings ARE pants! I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a strong believer in wearing leggings anywhere. But I’m not talking about thin see through leggings that will show your behind to everyone and their mom – but thick, substantial leggings with a top that’s long enough to cover yourself up! That way you can just change a top or your shoes and you’re on your way.

2. Invest in good quality, but casual, staples. I have one v-neck that I bought over 3 years ago that’s still my all time favorite shirt. I wear it for nights out dressing it up, for lounging around with leggings, or yes.. To the gym. Having tops that can withstand a little wear can make it really easy to transition between looking put together and heading for a workout!

3. Use a versatile bag. Nobody wants to take their fancy, investment purse into the gym and leave it in a locker or on the side of the room – risky! Instead, carry around a cute backpack or small gym bag with just your essentials. I just pack my gym shoes, heart rate monitor, and hair ties since I’m always ready to go otherwise with my first two tips! Use something cheap since you may be putting gross gym clothes in their or it could get misplaced or dirty. And it can still be super cute!

So there you have it – my 3 ways to always be ready to make the switch FAST from fancy to fit wear. How do you prep to go to the gym? Do you try to keep your clothes functional, too?


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Work Out Wednesday

Hey yall,

So on Wednesdays it’s easy to feel like you’re in a slump. It’s hump day and it can be pretty darn hard to get past it! So I think that Wednesdays are the perfect day for a little inspiration. Today I’ll be talking about ways to get motivated to work out! Considering my wedding is in just a couple months, I’m definitely in need of some workout inspo!

1. Wear nice workout clothes. Getting knew gym wear or getting some more investment pieces can really help you get excited to head to the gym or out for a run! You can’t let a good outfit go to waste.. Even if it’s just workout gear!

2. Share your goals. Youll be a lot more likely to actually workout once you share your goals with other people around you. It’s kind of an unspoken (or sometimes spoken) form of accountability!

3. Just do it. This is my most important tip. It’s important to realize that you’ll NEVER regret a workout! It’s going to make you feel better and sometimes you have to just push yourself to go. Even if you plan on a small amount of time, like 10 minutes, 9 times out of 10 you’ll want to do more!

So those are my top tips to get motivated to get into the gym! What are yours?


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The Return Of.. Fitness Friday

Hey y’all,

So a little back story.. a few years ago I was really into working out and being healthy. Towards the end of high school / start of college I was in the best shape of my life! I had so much fun going to 1 or 2 classes at the gym at night and always looked forward to it. Then after moving for college I went in and out of my routine. For a year or so I didn’t work out at all.. then one summer I worked out 6 days a week.. then after that it was a little spotty.

Fun fact – when I started this blog, it was originally going to be a health and fitness blog. I wrote about my quick healthy office lunches, ways to stay active at a desk job, and my 15 minute workouts during my lunch break. Then I started working more than one job, and eventually moved about 4 months ago back to Texas.

I wish that I lived close enough to my work to do my lunchtime workouts, or had the energy to get up at 5 and go to the gym before work like I used to. But life gets in the way!

With a hectic schedule and barely any free time, my first instinct is to use any free time I have to rest – who wouldn’t?! But a few weeks ago I finally signed up again at a good gym with classes and great amentities, so I’m trying to get back in it.

And when I started this as a fitness blog, in addition to sharing my passion for it, I knew that it would motivate me to keep going – so let’s try this out again! Fitness Fridays are back!

This week.. let’s talk about the hardest part of getting in shape… staying motivated.

Now that the days are getting shorter and the weather is colder, it’s harder than ever to get the energy to get going – so here are my top tips of what I do to get myself active.

1. You never regret a workout. If there’s one tip I have.. it’s to know that no matter how bad you don’t want to go, you’ll NEVER feel bad after!

2. Take a class. I know that when I’m tired there’s no way I’m staying at the gym for an hour by myself. By taking a class, I guarantee that I won’t be walking out in the middle of it or slacking off. Best way to get a good workout!

3. If all else fails, stay active. Even if I can’t workout, I make sure that I get up every hour at work and walk for a few minutes – especially now that I work at a computer for 8+ hours daily. Just getting up frequently can make you feel so much better! Having my Up Band to track my steps really helps me try harder since I have a goal to get to.

As a bonus.. a few of my favorite at-home quick workouts from pinterest!

Hereโ€™s a bodyweight oblique workout!


Another quick workout to get your heart pumping.

What are your favorite motivational tips?

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