T-Shirt Dress

Hey y’all! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

My mother-in-law came into town for her birthday weekend and we had a great time sightseeing and celebrating! I got myself a library card to the library of congress (talk about a cool place to work/study), and we finally got into the capitol building for a tour. I’ll be sure to do more DC posts soon and a vlog channel will be coming even sooner! (is that a word..?)

But we were outside of the capitol building and I thought.. what better place for some blog photos?! I was wearing my all time FAVORITE t-shirt dress. This thing is crazy comfortable and I want it in every color possible. Forreals.

In addition to the exact items I’m wearing, I also linked to some amazing deals from the Nordstrom sale going on right now. So be sure to shop this look and similar items (& great deals) in the slider at the end of this post!

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Unfortunately the capitol building was under construction and the scaffolding was up so we didn’t get to see the amazing designs inside the dome. BUT We did get in on the last day they were doing tours before closing up shop for 2 months to complete the construction. I’ll definitely want to see the finished product!

It has also been crazy hot up here, so a t-shirt dress is perfect for insanely hot summer days. It’s comfortable but still flowy, and I love a good year-round bootie.

Hope you all have an amazing day!

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Denim Shorts

Hey y’all! Happy monday!

I feel like every post I’m complaining about how humid it is where I live. But for real – it’s HUMID! It’s hard to even wear shorts because anything feels constricting. But this outfit was super comfortable and perfect for our day out in the city. We went to our friends place then to a housewarming party, and denim shorts are always my go-to clothing item during the summer for days out.

denim shorts 1 denim shorts 2

I also wasn’t sure what to do with my hair that day – so I decided to do a twisty half up hairstyle. I’m thinking about doing  a summer no-heat hairstyle video/post.. let me know what you think!

denim shorts 3 denim shorts 4 denim shorts 5


You also can’t tell in these photos (we were in a bit of a rush taking these), but the back of the top is lace up and I’m OBSESSED! I could wear this backwards and put the lace in the front as well. I love the lace up style for summer and I can see how it can wear SO cute into Fall as well.

denim shorts 6 denim shorts 7


Be sure to shop this look and similar items in the slider below! I was comfortable in the crazy heat but also didn’t feel super exposed – which I think is really important during the summer months.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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Lace Shorts


Hey y’all!

I have been the worst at getting my posts up on time lately! By the time I wake up in the morning and get going at my day job – it all of the sudden gets too late to post! But here I am with an outfit post from a few weekends ago going to the Barrel Oak Winery in Virginia.

I have to say.. I was really impressed with the wine and the service here! All of the workers were super friendly. And, if you bought a bottle your tasting was free! We also ended up finding an empty balcony to grab a table on, so it was nice to get some privacy.














Luckily, this was a couple weeks before the unbearable humidity moved in. It was perfect weather for these insanely comfortable lace shorts. Now, I literally STEP outside and start sweating no matter what I’m wearing.  And this is coming from a girl who loves her some 100 degree weather! Nope, not this!

Be sure to shop my look and similar items in the slider below! And don’t forget to follow me here! A giveaway is coming up at 500.. 🙂


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Off The Shoulder

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