Spa Night Essentials

Hey y’all!

So I don’t know about where you live.. but it is really chilly where I am. Not to count that work has been INSANE and I’m in the middle of moving. Needless to say, some cozy spa nights are much needed!

My ideal night would be turning off all the lights, lighting candles, taking a bath with (multiple) face mask(s) and having a glass of wine or cup of tea. Let me know what your idea relaxing night consists of in the comments!

Below I’m sharing my top spa night essentials – from drugstore to high end, from food to footwear. Happy cozy night!

at home spa essentials

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FALL MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Transition into Fall with Copper Eyeshadow


Happy Monday! I hope you’re all having an amazing long Labor Day weekend! I have some fun posts coming up since the weather has been beautiful for day trips and outfit photos. In the meantime – my first Fall makeup tutorial! In the northeast we’ve had temperatures in the 70’s and gorgeous, sunny skies. It’s been feeling like Fall – even though it’ll reach 100 again this week (but let’s ignore that for now).

Here’s a super easy, and super QUICK, fall makeup tutorial! Transition into fall with Copper Eyeshadow. This rose-copper shade is perfect to transition your makeup from summer into autumn.

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Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
Revlon Concealer
NYX Contour Stick
Maybelline Contour Kit
Nomad Copper Shadow
Shimmer Shadow
Naked Basics Pallet
Butter London Liquid Liner
Maybelline Mascara
Lord & Berry Lipstick

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Summer Pool Essentials

Hey y’all and happy friday! Who’s ready for a weekend full of the beach or pool?!.. I sure am!

Last weekend I made a big mistake of lying out at the pool without sunscreen on. I figured.. well, it’s only a couple hours – I’ll just get tan. = famous last words.

So by trial and error, I’m here today to help you with your must-have essentials for all your sunny days this Summer. Whether you’re going to the pool or if you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, you need these items. Happy weekend!

beauty essentials


summer accessories

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June BirchBox vs IPSY!

Hey y’all and HAPPY FRIDAY! I’ve been working all day to get this video up for y’all because my new posting schedule will be Tuesdays and Fridays for Youtube videos! be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any.

And for today’s video.. it’s my June BirchBox vs iPSY! My unboxing/first impressions.. who won?!?!


Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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May BirchBox

Hey y’all,
As you know (or you should know because you’re OBVIOUSLY subscribed.. right?.. right?..), I unboxed my iPSY earlier this week. I was pretty happy with it, but today I unboxed my May BirchBox. Normally IPSY takes it for me – but not this time! I have never been happier with a BirchBox! You can sign up for yours here.

In case you aren’t familiar, both of these boxes are $10 monthly subscription boxes. I normally recommend IPSY for more makeup products and BirchBox for more beauty products. I LOVE THIS MONTHS!

birch box may 2 birch box may

I received:

KALOS Triple Threat Face Mask
COOLA Sunscreen
Amika Dry Shampoo
Real Chemistry Body Peel
Lip Laquer

birch box may 3

Also, I actually really liked that the products didn’t come wrapped in paper this month. I hope this is a new thing!
may birch box 4

I did my first impression on the IPSY products in my post, but I’d really like to do a video or something with all of these – because I’m so excited to used them and already know these are going to be great. I’m not a huge fan of the lip color, but the other products are wonderful!

Just as an FYI – I’ve received the Amika dry shampoo before and it’s the best I’ve ever used. Would really recommend. It’s one of the only products I’ve really thought about purchasing a full size of.

Leave me a comment if you want to see a summer pamper routine with these products and my opinions on them!

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May IPSY! First Impressions

Happy Monday, y’all! Today I’m here with my May IPSY! First impressions are real with this one (good and bad). Read on to see what I got and what I think..

To start with the makeup brush, it’s super soft and I love the design – but I tend to opt for longer bristles on my brushes so I don’t hit my eyelid with the medal portion! So that one was OK.

The NOTS face wash left my face feeling clean – but I’ll need some more time using that along with the hanel lip treatment to really give a full review.

I’ve used this Smashbox mascara before – and I’m obsessed! I’m super pick on mascara because my lashes tend to clump together easily, but this one has a ton of bristles on the brush to separate your lashes and gives amazing length.

Finally, I got a bright, coral lipstick from Mellow. The color is pretty, but not really the kind of color I go to. I prefer neutral lip shades, and I also noticed just from this swatch that it smudged really easily.

Overall I was happy with my box, though! I probably won’t use the lipstick much, but the rest of the items are good so far.

Sign up for your IPSY here! It’s $10 a month and you get 5 large sample sized products. And for 48 hours – no wait list! 

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Spa Night Beauty Essentials

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! In case you didn’t know, my new posting schedule is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post. And let’s jump into my top spa night beauty essentials.

Lately has been a little emotionally rough for me if I’m being honest. There’s been a ton of adjusting to new environments and and miscellaneous stress, so I’m starting to see the importance of really taking care of yourself. I’m ready to start working out again, eating better, and trying to take care of my body (inside and out)! I’m already a huge advocate of regular, relaxing “spa” nights, but I’ve found it extremely helpful when anxiety kicks in. So these are my top essentials for my at home spa night – which I may or may not have used right before writing this.

1. Exfoliate. I bought a dry brush! I found one on amazon (it’ll be in the slider below) shipped next day prime for under $8. In addition to exfoliation, it’s supposed to be great for circulation and detoxification, which is great. If you don’t have a dry brush, I’ll put some of my favorite body scrubs etc in the slider as well.

dry brush dry brush 2


2. Turn off the lights and light some candles! This one is an Easter candle my mom sent me (Thanks, Mom!) and it smells amazing. I don’t find anything more relaxing than sitting in the dark with a candle lit! So peaceful! There’s also an amazing body butter in this photo since lotion is necessary after all that exfoliating! This one was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law, and I always prefer body butters over traditional lotions.

candle and lotion

3. Two Words – Epsom Salts. I use some lavender essential oil scented epsom salts that I buy in huge bags from the drugstore. They smell amazing and epsom salts have a ton of skin and detoxificating benefits! It’s supposed to help with sore muscles or discomfort and I rarely take a bath without them. Unscented ones still have the same benefits! Throw in some bubbles too! I love the aromatherapy bubble baths from Bath & Body Works.. but who doesn’t?

epsom salt

4. Face Masks! I also love to wear a face mask when I take a bath as a jump start to my cleansing routine. This one was super affordable from the drugstore and I use it a ton and still have over half the bottle left. Talk about a value!

face mask

This was one of my longer posts in a while, but I feel so strongly about having a good pamper routine! Share your essentials in the comments!


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Nude Sparkle

Happy Thursday eve y’all! This week I decided to do a little something different with my nails. I normally don’t get too fancy and stick to white (literally, everytime) but I though I’d switch it up and go with a nude base and add some sparkle to it. If we’re being totally honest here, I like to add glitter to the tips of my nails because glitter is harder to chip!

I just added 3 layers of the nude Ulta Polish, then took the silver glitter and lightly painted the top half of my nails. You can add as much or as little as you like. I wiped off a lot of the glitter polish before painting just so I got a lighter coverage.

And voila! I ended up with nude polish with a subtle sparkle that I absolutely love! I like to go simple with my nails, so subtle is normally my goal. But the best part about his technique is that you could easily go bold if you wanted to.


This is a super simple nail look, but it looks like you put a ton of time into it – win,win!

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