Hey y’all,

So I’ve had a rough past couple of days.. I hit my toe which in turn made me have to get my toenail removed, so needless to say.. I’ve been in pain.

That being said, when I’m uncomfortable with pain – the last thing I want to do is get all fancied up. So here comes in business-comfortable wear.






Top – Target | Pants – Kohls | Shoes – Payless, similar

I normally don’t wear sandals with pants, and I’m not really sure why! It’s always been one of those things I just refused to pair together. But, ya know, desperate times call for desperate measures!

For work today, I just threw a light cardigan over the tank top – and voila, I’m comfortable AND business appropriate!

Do you have to wear business clothes to work? What are your favorite comfortable picks?

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  1. I was so glad to see this post today. I actually just posted about comfy professional footwear yesterday. It’s nice to be able to combine comfort with style.

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