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Happy Monday everyone! Technically, we’re going with this being day 7 of blogmas.. Even though I skipped out on a couple days. Sometimes when life gets a little (aka very) stressful, bloggers block hits and it’s almost impossible to come up with new ideas or get the motivation to #werk. And this is where I come in – you’re welcome.

Here’s why bloggers block is sometimes ok, and what to do to fix it. And a friendly reminder to enter my giveaway ending in two more days! Subscribe to my channel and Stay tuned til the end of the post..

1. Sometimes you need a break. Honestly, if I’m not putting in my best work into a post, I shouldn’t be posting anyways. It’s important to take pride in what you’re sharing with the world and make it something that you would want to read. Even if you feel bad because you promised blogmas #guilty, it’s ok. Take a break. Then…

2. Gather your thoughts and goals. What are you trying to achieve? What do people want to read? What do you want to read? Which posts are most popular/helpful? Write out these questions and really think about your answers. 

3. List post ideas. All of them don’t have to make it to the blog, but when you’re stuck you’ll have a huge list of options. So that way when inspiration is low, you have some easy ideas to take your pick from.

4. Draft it up. When you get an idea, just start a post and save it as a draft. Then when you don’t feel so creative, just go through your drafts and see if one inspires you to finish and post. Drafts aren’t public so you can make as many as you want!

5. Find inspiration in others. The blogging community is a great one and I love how supportive everyone is. We can all be inspired from each other. Find someone living your goals, see what they do, and get motivated! Don’t copy anyone, but it might give you a little fire to get back in the game.

I hope these tips helped you! Leave me your tips for bloggers block in the comments if you blog, OR leave a comment with posts you’d like to read so people can reference it. And I’ll leave you with this video.. Only a couple days left!


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