Birch Box product review!

Hey y’all,

Time for me to review a couple of the products I’ve used so far from my first birch box! I used the shampoo & conditioner, but I feel like I don’t really know yet for sure what I think – so that will be coming soon. First up… BB cream and lip balm!

BEFORE doing my makeup..

birch box before for bb cream and lips

The BB cream actually went on really well! It had moderate coverage, which I liked, and even though I honestly don’t know if it comes in different colors, it really blended in well!

The lip balm was more like a super thick lip gloss, but I thought it looked nice. I wore it without any lip color under it, which was probably a mistake. I think layered with a good color it would be a great product!


birch box after review

So far… I approve!



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