Better Late Than Never..

Hey y’all,

So I seriously had every intention of getting a Fitness Friday post up yesterday, but by the time I got home from dinner it was almost 9 PM! I figured it’d be better to just get it up today, even though it’s Saturday now. But I missed doing these fitness posts!

I’ve been making myself work out more, and have been feeling SO much better. (Insert generic gym photo here..)

fitness friday gym pic

In addition to working out more, I’ve also been trying to eat healthier. I have pretty much chronic nausea, and I’ve found that since I’ve been eating better (and I cut out gluten to see if I’m allergic) I’ve felt SO much better! The item I’ve been most excited to add to my diet is chia seeds. You can add them to ANYTHING – like pancakes 🙂

gluten free chia seed pancakees

The best part is, they don’t taste like anything and just add a nice little crunch to juices, salads, or even baking! Here are some of the benefits of chia seeds:

1. They’re high in fiber. One ounce of the seeds has 11g!

2. They have omega-3 fatty acids. Once ounce has 5g!

3. They’re packed with vitamins. They contain manganese, phosphorous, and calcium!

4. They’re high in protein. One ounce has about 10% of the recommended DV!

Keep reading about the benefits on Huffington Post if you’d like – but I’m definitely excited to keep adding these into my foods and eat healthy 🙂

What is your favorite healthy food item?





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