Befine Cucumber Face Mask

Hey yall,

I’m back for round 2 today with a quick review of a product I got in my Ipsy bag (featured this morning). It’s the Befine Cucumber Face Mask, and be warned.. A not-so-flattering selfie is coming..

I put it on to have a nice, pampering bath and man – does it smell good?! The cucumber scent is there, but not too overwhelming. It also has the cooling effect of cucumber which is perfect for hot summer days.

I don’t know the long term effects of this yet, but first impressions: I love it. It goes on thick and doesn’t drop off. My only complaint would be that it was a little hard to take off, but that’s pretty common with masks.

I can’t wait to try this out more, but my face felt fresh and clean and slightly exfoliated! You can sign up for your Ipsy here if you’re interested!

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