A month later.. Resolutions

Hey yall,

So remember this video from a month ago?..


Hold on – A MONTH?! We are about 1/12 through 2015 and it’s insane to me. The past few weeks have flown by!

So I wanted to do a check in about my resolutions and hear from yall about how yours are going! So here they are..

1. Workout 4 days a week. I’ve actually stuck to this (except for the occasional 3 days/week)! I’ve been forced to go before work so I’m stuck waking up at 5:30 a few days a week, but I feel 100% better on the days I go. Its weird, since now the days I sleep in I feel even more tired! Except let’s be real.. What is it like to NOT feel tired? Point being, though, I actually am starting to enjoy going and it’s becoming a habit! I’m getting even more motivated the closer I get to my wedding and I’m just loving FEELING better! I’ve been mostly following the weekly Tone It Up workouts and they’re such a motivation.

2. Eat 2 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. First of all – who knew that it’s recommended we eat 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day?! Not me, and to be completely honest I find it a slightly unrealistic goal for a large percentage of people. Not saying that this shouldn’t be something we all aim for, but considering how busy people are and how much conscious effort it takes, I know I’m guilty to not living up to that rule of thumb. I’m sure a ton of people do reach that goal – you go glen coco, but that is a whole lot of veggies! So I’ve started to juice almost every day, and even though it’s a debatable subject, I feel great afterwards and I don’t get that gross, too full feeling anymore since I’m eating better!

3. Not taking stress home with me. THIS one I’ve improved on, but I’m definitely not perfect. Some days it’s super hard to be in a good mood after a really stressful, busy, hard day at work. Plus – I get really tired. But I think I’ve improved a lot on making an effort to live in the moment and not let little things get to me after they’re over. I’m lucky to have an amazing home life and, if we’re being honest here, that’s always most important to me!

How are you doing on your resolutions? Id love to hear what yours are, if your goals have changed, or steps you’re taking towards them!

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  1. good post !
    I have no new year resolutions, well actually I have one : not to have any 🙂 it’s just that the other years I was such in pressures to maintain them that it stress me out so this year I decided on none.
    I do agree with the 8 servings of fruits and vegs a day ,1st of all not everybody can offer it and secondly as long as you do eat fresh one each day then it’s fine.

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