3 Ingredient Fudge | Blogmas #15

This last weekend my mom attempted an almost impossible task.. To teach me how to bake! So get ready for some amazing dessert recipes this week. Today, I’m sharing with you a super easy, 3 ingredient fudge recipe. ITS SO GOOD YALL. Not taking credit for this recipe (thanks, mom)

  1. White chocolate
  2. 1 can condensed milk
  3. Vanilla extract

I’m not lying when I say it’s easy.

First of all, heat a burner to medium-low heat and add a can of condensed milk. Go ahead and add a bag of white chocolate chips (or whatever chocolate chips you prefer) and keep an eye on it!


Once everything is melted, add about a teaspoon of Vanilla. Then pour into a baking dish and let it harden!

Happy baking! Don’t forget to follow so you never miss a post!

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