Hey yall,

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! I got my first swim of the season in and spent a lot of time relaxing.. So basically, had a perfect weekend! 

I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but Texas has had rain pretty much constantly for the past few weeks with no end in sight. Unfortunately, there’s been a ton of flooding and it’s a pretty dangerous situation out there. If you live down here too, I hope everything’s ok with you!

But with the rainy weather comes cooler weather, which I’m not exactly excited about. But the show must go on!


Sweater – Old, similar| Tank Top – Target | Jeans – Charlotte Russe | Shoes – Payless

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Let me know how the weather is where you live and what you’ve been wearing!

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Memorial Day Pinspiration

Hey yall,

It’s finally Friday, which also means it’s almost a long weekend! Memorial Day weekend is about to begin! I couldn’t be more ready.

Chances are your weekend will be full of some serious relaxing and some fun activities. If you’re hosting a get-together, going to a pool party, or just hanging around the house, I’ve got you covered with some pin-worthy crafts and snacks!

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Do you have any go-to crafts or recipes? Share them in the comments! Happy Friday!

Budget Buys: Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

Hey yall.. Again!

In case you missed it, I posted a bunch of my personal picks this morning from the Nordstrom Half-Annual Sale. You DONT want to miss out on that one!

I’m trying out posting more, so voila – a second post for today. And today I’m featuring another budget buy. I’m not huge on doing my nails myself – but I found a polish that rivals salon polishes. I tried out a Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy polish, and I’m very impressed!


I got the color Full House, and it’s such a pretty blue.  My favorite part about this is actually my least favorite part as well.. The liquid is super thick. And I mean super. It’s great for ease of application since you only really need one coat, but it’s also so thick that it’s easy to get on your fingers instead of your nails! But keep a q-tip nearby and you should be good to go.
Overall, this was a great purchase for right around $6. It’s more expensive than some drugstore polishes, but still cheaper than an Essie or Sally Hansen Gel. I think the price is worth it for a great product! Find it here!

What are your favorite polishes that I should try next?!

Half Yearly Sale: Nordstrom

Hey yall,

Happy Friday Eve! Anyone else super ready for the long weekend? Too bad it’s supposed to be storming for the next 5 days here in Texas.. I don’t think we’ve seen sun in weeks. Hopefully the weathers great where you are – and you can do something fun to celebrate Memorial Day weekend! And what do you need for a celebration, you ask? New clothes!

I’m only partly kidding. Luckily, the half yearly sale at Nordstrom is going on, and that means some amazing deals. I think this post will have the most picks out of any I’ve done before! So let’s get to it..

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

  1 | 2 | 3 | 4


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Will you be doing some shopping? Let me know! It’s a great sale!

Excellence Playa Mujeres


I mentioned before that my hubby and I went to Mexico for our honeymoon a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to really talk about this amazing resort! It was the Excellence Playa Mujeres, and we stayed In a room with a private plunge pool on the terrace. It was honestly the nicest place we’ve ever stayed!

We were greeted when we arrived with cool towels and champagne, and all of the employees were incredibly friendly!



This resort had a ton of restaurants and bars. For breakfast and lunch, we normally went to their enormous buffet. It had everything and the food was all great. For dinner, we opted for Indian food at Basmati one night, seafood at The Lobster House another, used our romantic dinner at The Grill, and took advantage of the 24 hour room service more than once! 



We didn’t even need to spend too much time at the bars, because they had constant waiters coming around the beach and the pools taking people’s orders and bringing out drinks. The swim up bar was great while at the main pool, too! I think I might’ve forgot to mention that this was all-inclusive!

   Our last day, we went on a scuba diving excursion, which I’ll be doing a full separate post about. It would be way too much for one post – but the crew was amazing and we had a great time.

Overall, we would 100% go back to Excellence Playa Mujeres – and I wanted to share a review in case anyone else is thinking of taking a trip! We even had a honeymoon sign on our door when we arrived. We definitely were not ready to leave, even after our 6 day stay!

Aaand.. Now I wish I was on vacation again. Haha!


Summer Flannel

Hey yall,

First off.. Happy Monday! I was not at all ready for the weekend to be over, but let’s make the most of this week! Besides, a long weekend is coming up. Soo lets do this! 

Lately it’s been really rainy and dreary, but still in the upper 80s. So I decided to go for a summery outfit but still bring in some light long sleeves for the damp breeze. This top was my favorite during the fall months, so I’m not complaining about still being able to wear it.

Top – Charlotte Russe | Shorts – Forever 21 | Shoes – Rue21, similar

I love transition pieces for the spring, since weather can still fluctuate between incredibly hot and still have a slight breeze, so a super thin flannel top can be perfect. I paired it with my favorite high waisted denim shorts and some booties for a comfortable, casual outfit.

What’s the weather like where you live? What are your favorite clothing items right now? 


Hey yall,

You guys have no idea how ready I am for this weekend! This week has been a little insane and I’m beyond ready to go home tonight, get in my pajamas, and RELAX. 

In honor of being so tired and ready for the weekend, I thought I’d share my go-to style for an easy outfit that’s work appropriate. I love to get a simple dress and a cardigan for a quick outfit for my mornings rushing around. In this case, this is probably one of my favorite dresses I own. I’ve dressed it up for special events, and wear it almost weekly as a casual go-to. And I know you guys have seen this cardigan on a regular basis from me! 

Normally, I put down everything for an outfit picture, but why not include what I normally drag around with me since we’re talking daily go-to’s? I have two purses that I use regularly, and this is the one I take to work since its big enough for my notebooks and planner. Then I’ll take a bag with snacks and lunch.. And breakfast. Basically, just a ton of food. And in this case I took my laptop to do some blog work during lunch! 

Dress – old from Elysian, similar | Cardigan – H&M | Shoes – Target 

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Have a great weekend! 


Hey yall,

Today my top priority for my outfit was comfort. It’s been a LONG week, and we’re only halfway through! But I guess I’ll try to see it with the glass half full.. So we’re actually halfway done with the week!

I actually found these pants that I completely forgot I had last week. I bought them almost 4 years ago, so I wasn’t expecting them to still fit me. But voila – they did! And now I’m pretty much obsessed. And also, this top is the most comfortable top I think I’ve ever worn.

Top – H&M | Denim – New York & Co | Shoes – Payless 

What do you wear when you want comfort?! Let me know to be featured in #followfriday


First Impressions: Up&Up Teeth Whitening

Hey y’all,

I have some exciting news! I started a new teeth whitening system! Ok.. Maybe it’s not that exciting to you, but I’m really happy to finally be trying one out again. It’s been too long since I’ve whitened my teeth and I’m ready to up my beauty routine for the summer months. Nothing better than a tan with whiter teeth!

I found this at Target, and it was a super reasonable price (around &15), so I couldn’t really say no when comparing it to the high end brand prices of $30+. Why not give it a try?! 

This Up&Up system is meant to be used for 7 days in a row, for 30 minutes a day. It seemed a lot easier to fit in than other whitening kits I’ve used where I need to set aside 2 or 3 hours.

This kit comes with 7 strips for each row of teeth (top and bottom). You just peel open an individual container, bend it back to get the strip out, and stick it on your dried teeth. 
So far, I’ve noticed a very slight difference in my teeth (but not much) and barely any sensitivity. The second night made my gums slightly more sensitive than the first, but that’s to be expected. I’m excited to see the results!

I started these on Sunday night, so I’ll be checking back in next Monday with my full review!

Do you use teeth whitening kits? What are your favorites? Leave a comment with your answer to be featured in #followfriday!