Work Casual

Hey y’all,

I mentioned in yesterdays post that comfort has been the number one priority for me lately with my work outfits. So I like to find casual pieces but make them still office appropriate. One of the best ways to pull together an outfit for work is to add a cardigan! I’ve followed this rule for a long time. Plus, it keeps you warm if your office feels like the tundra sometimes like mine.


          Top – Old from Fossil, similar | Cardigan – H&M | Jeans – Charlotte Russe | Shoes – Similar from Target

While looking up my tank top from Fossil I noticed something insane.. do they not sell clothes anymore?! Maybe I’ve been out of the Fossil game too long.

Today is going to be absolutely insane trying to pack (around work) since I have to leave bright and early tomorrow for a big weekend trip. I always get so excited to travel, but it can be a little stressful trying to get ready to leave around a super busy schedule! Be on the lookout for a post coming soon about how I pack on a short timeline and only use a carry-on.



Comfort & Blogger Problems

Hey yall,

If you can’t already tell, one of my favorite color combinations is blue and white. And lately I have been tired – to say the least. This week I’ve been up by 6am and have been super busy with work, writing, and packing/getting things ready for a little international weekend trip for my friends wedding! More to come on that later.. but moral of the story is that when I’m tired, comfort is my number one priority. Hence why this week I have some more casual, basic outfits. But you can’t go wrong with a flowy top and white pants!

And I have a serious blogger problem. I activate taking a picture on my camera with my phone, like I know a lot of cameras come with clickers. How in the world do people hide those things in photos?! Asking for a friend!

Top – Old, similar from Nordstrom | Pants – New York & Co | Sandals – similar from Target  

Let me know if you’re interested in seeing any travel posts! And bloggers, how do you hide your clicker?! 


Dress or Shirt?

Hey yall,

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite dresses… But is it a dress?

Spoiler alert: it’s not! I found this shirt in XXL and it fits like a really, really comfortable dress. It surprisingly  still has some shape to it, and it feels like I’m wearing pajamas. And let’s be honest. It’s hot outside ugh to now. Who needs pants with a shirt this big?! (Semi-joking)

If you want to try out finding a large enough shirt that fits like a dress, just be super aware of the length and fit! You definitely still want to be covered up.

       Top – Target | Plaid Shirt – Charlotte Russe | Shoes – Similar from Target


Blogger Stereotypes

Hey y’all,

So bloggers get a bad rep for certain stereotypical things.. posting “perfect” all white pictures of breakfast in bed.. spending their days “playing” on a computer.. But what do bloggers really do?

First of all, yes – Bloggers do put their best foot forward online. In a way, blogging is a form of art. Us bloggers try to perfect everything that we post online. It’s a representation of our brand. We try to take picturesque photos and create editorial-type content. And part of that is taking those “perfect” instagram pictures and creating an image. And that’s why nobody should hate on bloggers for trying their best. Of course you won’t be putting your dirty laundry and knotted hair up online when you’re trying to sell your content. To me, it seems like common sense. And it’s unfortunate that some people think bloggers are trying to create an unrealistic image. It’s not an unrealistic image.. it’s a creation. It’s art.

People also tend to assume that blogging is an easy way to get free samples and basically do nothing. As much as I wish it was that easy, it’s just not. Blogging takes hours of taking photos, editing photos, typing and re-typing content, brainstorming, networking, etc. The list goes on and on and on….

Unless you blog, it’s impossible to see the work that goes into it. And yes, it’s fun. It’s amazing and would be a dream job for a lot of people. But it takes years to get to that point. It’s building a brand from nothing and sleepless nights to work on perfecting an art.

And while I’m on the topic of building a brand, people often tend to think that bloggers should do it only for the joy of writing and it’s frowned upon to try to do it as a living. But there’s nothing wrong with blogging to make money. It’s a job for a lot of people, and a lot harder than people make it out to be. So next time you get frustrated at those gorgeously perfect instagrams and sponsored giveaways, realize that bloggers work hard and for a valid reason – whatever that reason may be for each individual. So don’t give into the blogger stereotype. We’re people, too!

Do you think people judge bloggers? How do you feel about it?


Befine Cucumber Face Mask

Hey yall,

I’m back for round 2 today with a quick review of a product I got in my Ipsy bag (featured this morning). It’s the Befine Cucumber Face Mask, and be warned.. A not-so-flattering selfie is coming..

I put it on to have a nice, pampering bath and man – does it smell good?! The cucumber scent is there, but not too overwhelming. It also has the cooling effect of cucumber which is perfect for hot summer days.

I don’t know the long term effects of this yet, but first impressions: I love it. It goes on thick and doesn’t drop off. My only complaint would be that it was a little hard to take off, but that’s pretty common with masks.

I can’t wait to try this out more, but my face felt fresh and clean and slightly exfoliated! You can sign up for your Ipsy here if you’re interested!


IPSY – June

Hey y’all,

I finally ripped open my June Ipsy and this has to be the best I’ve gotten so far. I can’t wait to (actually) post with reviews of products. These are actually items that I would 100% use on a daily basis!

So it came with the following products…

Befine Cucumber Facial Mask

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel

Formula X Power Source Polish

Trestique Aspen Pine Shadow Crayon

I will be trying all of these out for some posts coming up later today (hint check back later…) and next week, but my first impression is that I’m super excited. Especially for the shadow crayon and the face mask! I’ve never used a shadow crayon before so I can’t wait to test this out ASAP!

What did you get in your IPSY?! Be sure to check back this afternoon for a review.. It may or may not be of a face mask.. :) 



Hey yall,

Today is a super gloomy, grey day – so why not match it with my outfit? But I had to add a pop of color with the most comfortable shoes ever. If you regularly read my blog, you already know I’m obsessed.


Top – Target | Pants – New York & Co | Heels – Payless

Happy hump day!


“Real” Women

Hey y’all,

Lately, there’s a term that’s been all over the media – Real Women. The word “skinny” has been banned from use on some well-known blogs and websites, and brands are being shunned for using overly small models.

 But let’s be real, all women are real. It doesn’t matter what size you are. Some people are bigger and some are smaller – and all sizes should be treated equally.

I completely agree that larger sizes should not be discriminated against and that everybody is beautiful! But I think telling a small person to “eat a sandwich” or calling them anorexic is just as bad as telling someone to lose weight. All bodies are different.. And most importantly, real.

I appreciate what the “real women” campaigns are doing, but I think people automatically think models are unrealistic and too skinny – but they are real people, too! Everyone looks great the way they are, big or small.

What do you think about “real women” campaigns? 

Pool Day Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials: Pool Day

Hey y’all,

Now that the weather is finally feeling like Summer, I’ve started to fit in a pool day whenever I can! Chances are, you’ll be making your way outside more often too, so I’ve compiled a little list of must-have beauty essentials you need for your day at the pool. With these items, you can enjoy your day worry free!

Beauty Essentials: Pool Day

1. Sunscreen

Seriously, this is the most important one. Coming from someone who can (unfortunately) say that they used to use tanning beds on the reg as a teenager, I can say with confidence that sunscreen is something you need every single day – pool or no pool. Sun damage is no joke, so make sure you lather on the sun protection when you’re going to be outside! If your concern is sunscreen breaking out your skin, opt for using a moisturizer with SPF like this one to keep your skin looking great, too.

2. Waterproof Mascara

Even though I normally go makeup-free to the pool, sometimes it’s nice to add an extra something to your look. Waterproof Mascara won’t leak down your face, but will still open up your eyes and make you look more awake for your day outside. Swimming can be exhausting! This one is one of my favorites.

2. Chapstick

Chapstick is a must-have when you’re going to be outside in the heat all day. Your lips can completely dry out if you’re not trying to lock in the moisture. Opt for a tinted one like this to freshen up while treating your lips.

4. Sea Salt Spray

I’ve used this spray on a regular basis for years, and I use it even when I’m not swimming. But even though chlorine isn’t great for your hair (try swimming with a little leave-in conditioner for protection), it can still leave you with effortless waves and a beachy look. Sea Salt Spray will add some extra texture and hold your hair in place.

5. Face Wipes

After your day of drenching your face in sunscreen, pool water, and chemicals – it’s great to refresh your skin and use a quick wipe to clean your skin. Prevent breakouts by using a face wipe for a quick clean up. These are great smelling and perfect for summer.


What are your beauty essentials: pool day? Share in the comments!

And don’t miss out on my post from this morning with my wanderlust wishlist!

Wanderlust Wishlist

Hey y’all,

Lately I’ve been craving another vacation! A few months after my last trip, it never fails that I start getting a little antsy with the wanderlust bug. Too bad vacation time isn’t unlimited, right? But a girl can dream. And these are my top places I’d like to visit.

Santorini, Greece

Sunset ~ Oia, Santorini, Greece


Santorini looks like paradise with crisp white buildings, infinity pools, a quaint environment, and crystal clear oceans. One day I would love to stay on the hilltops and enjoy the gorgeous views.


Six Senses Resort Laamu, Maldives - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.


The Maldives are another option for over the water bungalos that are a little less well-known than other destinations, like Bora Bora. Staying in a villa on top of the bright blue water would be one of my top picks for a relaxing, romantic vacation.


This is a photograph of the city of Dubai. The thing I like about this image is that it shows you the skyline of modern cities as the buildings are more 'weird and wonderful' due to the contemporary themes of modern construction


With the tallest building in the world and newly built luxury accomodations, Dubai has become a top destination for world travelers. It has a big city feel with beaches and high-end shopping, and would be perfect for a luxurious trip.


Antigua - Where Rockstars go to Vacation.... or me and sean for our wedding/ honeymoon!


Antigua has gorgeous nature and beautiful beaches, and looks like a lost paradise. Populated with only 89,000 people, this island would be a great place to go on vacation to take a break from hectic, everyday life.

Paris, France

A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere else.


Need I say anything about Paris? This city is known for romance and beautiful architecture. I chose French as my foreign language to learn in school because I’ve been wanting to go there for as long as I can remember.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, AUSTRALIA.  I know this country will be amazing to visit when one day I visit it!

Sydney is famous for its’ unique architectural structures and gorgeous scenery. I’d love to visit one day and head to the ocean to scuba the great barrier reef.

And of course, these are all from Pinterest! Totally not self-promotion… but you should follow me.

Where’s on your travel bucket list?