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Hey y’all,

So I’ve only had a couple posts this week since the last time I shared what y’all had to say.. but a huge THANK YOU to everyone who reads and participates on my blog. I really appreciate all of the love and support.

Jennifer from Seek, Wander, Share left such a nice comment with great advice on my one month challenge post! She shared how she loved farm to table restaurants and that pumpkin seeds were one of her favorite snacks. You and me both!! And that blog is really great.

Then I also had some really nice comments from Marina, JNess, Habitat Parisian and Candice!

I appreciate EVERY comment that I get and definitely want to keep sharing what you all have to say in these weekly Follow Friday posts! This will be a series I’ll do every single week and I would love to share all of y’alls input, blog links, and social media handles!

I also just went live with advertising options! Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in advertising your blog or business for April!

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Hey yall,

So I’m getting married in one month from today! It’s absolutely insane how fast the past almost year and a half since I got engaged has flown by, and I know the next 31 days will zoom past too. Thank goodness most of the planning is done, and I’m so excited to be married!

But with one month from the special day, I’ve been revamping my health kick I’ve been on for a while and ramping it up a notch. I normally try to watch what I eat, fit in more veggies into my diet, and stay active – but now that I’m in the last stretch I’m trying to really stay focused!

Now obviously a wedding is not about how you look, and the most important thing is that I’m getting to marry the love of my life (sappy, but true)! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look my best and more importantly – FEEL my best – on this important day. I want to feel good about myself, have energy to enjoy the reception, feel rested and energized for our honeymoon, and start this chapter feeling healthy and happy. Being healthy isn’t just about appearances, but it makes a huge difference in attitude and energy levels! And wanting to look my best is just another plus! So I have some goals I’m going to stick to for the next few weeks for my bridal countdown… Anyone else with me?

1. Make healthy eating a lifestyle habit. Instead of eating healthy because I have to, I want to be in the habit of it and enjoy it. I know that I’ve already stopped wanting a lot of the unhealthy food I used to eat, and I’ve been trying to branch out and try new foods!

2. Workout 5 days a week with active rest days. In my opinion, an overall active lifestyle is the best way to stay healthy. I’ve been trying to take my dog on more walks, park farther from the door, etc in order to incorporate activity in normal activities. I also have my 10,000 step goal with my UP band, but that is hard to reach! So reaching that goal more often would be great.

3. Drink 10 glasses of water a day. This one normally isn’t too hard for me. At least while I’m at work, I drink a ton of water. The weekends are my weakness since I’m not just sitting at my desk with my water tumbler. So I want to make sure to stick with it every day!

Do you want to try any of these healthy habits with me?! Leave a comment with your healthy goals to be featured in Friday’s post! 

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Travel Diaries

Hey y’all,

The past two weekends,I’ve been on the go! Collin and I went to Washington DC for his sister’s birthday two weeks ago, then to St Louis for a friend’s wedding that he was in last weekend! So I just thought I’d share some of my travel photos, since I always love seeing pictures of where people travel. And now I don’t have very long til I’m traveling again for my WEDDING! One month from tomorrow.. woohoo!!

First up – DC! On that Saturday it was his sister’s birthday, so we flew in that morning bright and early! After a little fiasco and having our flight diverted because of weather, we went straight to her party and had such a great time.

The next day we went out to a really good brunch where they had bottomless mimosas including a guava flavor – yum – and went around the national mall and to the National Air and Space Museum! I got dragged into one of the simulators.. And it was actually super fun.

So that was a really fun trip, and it was a much needed long weekend for me.

Then last weekend we had a quick trip to St Louis – and by quick I mean really quick… Less than 24 hours! Collin was best man at our friends wedding in Troy, and we had a great time. I’m so happy for them and they had a such a beautiful wedding! 

So those are the trips I’ve taken lately! Now I have a few weeks to recoup and in a month from today we will be in LA for our wedding.. Time sure does fly! I’m counting down the days.

Have you taken any trips lately? Let me know if you have or where you WANT to go to be featured in my new Follow Friday series!

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Reader Recap

Hey y’all,

First of all, Happy Monday! Maybe if I say it enough, Monday won’t be so bad? #workproblems

My plan is to do these posts every Saturday, but unfortunately, this weekend I was traveling to St. Louis for a wedding and didn’t have a chance! If you haven’t read it already, be sure to comment on any of my posts with your own input/tips/advice/stories along with a link to any of your pages! I’ll be sharing your input on a weekly post, and if you’re a blogger I’ll be linking to your blog. If you’re not a blogger, share any social media link! I really want my blog to be more interactive and I really value all of your support. So THANK YOU and here we go!

Lyrik Fryer also loves sweaters for early spring when it starts to get warm outside! You and me both! You can find her blog over at

Samantha Betteridge says that light sweaters are perfect for springtime in the UK when it isn’t too hot OR cold! Find her on twitter @sambetteridge

Ella loves to wear bright colors in the spring along with high-waisted, longer skirts and light sweaters! Find her over at

And a big thank you to everyone else who has commented on my posts! Be sure to subscribe on Bloglovin so you don’t miss any chance to be featured :) Have a great start to the week!

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Drugstore Buys: Foundation

hey yall,

To be completely honestly, I normally don’t ever buy drugstore foundations. My top picks for foundations are actually the NARS sheer glow and Tarte Amazonian Clay. That being said.. I have found my favorite, super cheap, drugstore face makeup. And it’s. …. (Drumroll please..) .. Revlon!

This Revlon Photoready Foundation is pretty light coverage, but I think it’s perfect for everyday wear. The high end foundations I own I normally reserve for special occasions to keep my makeup on the light side and stay away from caking, so to run errands or go to work, this Revlon foundation works great! It’s super blendable, easy to apply with a buffing brush, light to medium coverage, and holds for the entire day. 

So you can see this makeup in action, here’s my “before” picture…

Then after my foundation… 

And after a full face!… 

This is obviously a super natural, daily face, but it works for me! I would recommend this foundation for anyone looking for a really simple makeup style on a daily basis, a super applicable foundation with long lasting power, and for anyone who likes a good medium coverage, dewy face!

Although I love this foundation from the drugstore for now, I’ve been really wanting to try the Infallable foundations! Let me know what YOUR favorite drugstore foundations are, and get featured in tomorrow’s post! I’d love some recommendations :) 

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Hey yall,

Today I’m featuring the most comfortable pants in the world and my new favorite heels.. And an old comfy top!

I got some pixie pants for Christmas and, oh man, these pants are amazing. I could literally LIVE in them! They’re a little on the expensive side for a pair of pretty much leggings, but they’re more structured, durable, and nicer! And I ordered my shoes that will actually be the shoes I wear on my wedding day, so that’s pretty darn exciting. I’m starting to wear them in.. No blisters for me!

Top – old, similar | Pants – JCrew | Heels – Chinese Laundry

Do you have a personal style blog or share your outfits online?! Leave me a link and I’ll share it saturday! 

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Spring Sweaters

Hey yall,

So now that the weather is starting to warm up, I’ve been in a MUCH better mood! 

And one of my favorite things to wear when the weather is warming up but it can still get a little breezy is a light sweater. I think they’re super comfortable AND they’re normally all on sale around this time of year. Win-win!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

What do you love to wear in springtime? Leave it in the comments and be featured in my post Saturday! And fellow bloggers, leave your links!

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Barely Green

Hey yall,

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’m only nonchalantly wearing green today.. But I sure didn’t want to get pinched! 

Dress – old from Elysian, similar | Jacket – old, similar from Charlotte Russe | Booties – old, similar from Rue21

Unfortunately all of the items im wearing I’ve had for some time, but these are all super similar items from mostly the same places :)

Are you wearing green for St Pattys? Leave me a link to your post or share how you show your green spirit and I’ll be sharing it on the blog later this week!

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Makeup Travel Bag

Hey y’all,

So bright and early tomorrow morning I’ll be on a sunrise flight off for a long weekend away! Even though I won’t be getting much sleep, I’m really excited to have an extra day off work and get away for a few days. Unfortunately, traveling is always pretty darn stressful for me. Mostly the packing part! Procrastination problems, am I right?!

So this morning I put together my makeup essentials for my trip – the first thing I’ve packed (oh gosh). This isn’t a minimal makeup bag by any means, but this is everything I’ll need for a full face for going out since I have an all-day party to attend!

And these are pretty much my holy grail products! I don’t use these all on a daily basis, but especially since I have plans I like to have them all on hand.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

MAC Skinfinish Natural

ModelCo Blush from Birch Box

Benefit Dallas - being discontinued! Get it while you can.. You won’t regret it

Naked Basics Palette

Maybelline Color Tattoo

Elf Eyebrow Pencil

Elf Eyeliner

Bare Escentuals Mascara

Age Rewind Concealer

Now, I don’t know if you missed my last post – but every Saturday, I’m going to start featuring other people who leave comments with their own related tips, advice, or opinions. If you’re a blogger, please leave your link so I can link to your page! This’ll be a weekly post to include everyone that reads my blog and share some other thoughts :) so THANK YOU for reading and I hope you participate! Leave in the comments your makeup travel essentials, and if you’re taking any trips soon!

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