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Gooood morning and Happy Friday y’all!

For some reason this week has gone by insanely slow. I keep thinking it’s almost the weekend every day.. but it’s not – until today! Wahoo!

But even though it’s almost the weekend, I’m talking about the office. I’ve been officially back in an office full time for two weeks now, and I’m trying to re-decorate my cubicle. I ran by Target last week and they have the cutest decor ever. They have white marble items galore! 

Here are my top Target picks for your office/home office/desk! Most of these I’ve picked up already. I got the marble thumb tacks and they won’t go into my cubicle wall, so that’s a bummer!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

1 | 2 | 3

Let me know where you shop for desk accessories! And have a wonderful weekend!

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Off the Shoulder

Hey y’all,

It’s hump day! Does anyone else feel like this week is going super slow? I feel like I’ve woken up everyday thinking that it’s Friday but.. it’s not. 

Also, completely unrelated – but I’m really trying to start eating healthy again and working out! I feel like I always start for a few days then I’m like, whatever, and just stop. If you have any tips for me, or would want to see regular updates on what’s working for me – let me know in the comments!

Today I’m sharing my last outfit post from my latest trip! I’ll still have more travel tips and guides coming up, but those take a little longer to put together. So I’m having an intermission to share this outfit from Paris – my new favorite off the shoulder top! I even wore it on the flight and it was actually really comfortable.

I know it’s definitely not boot and jacket season anymore.. but this off the shoulder top could totally be worn with a denim skirt or some shorts!

Top (Other options here and here) | Jeans (on sale!) | Boots | Jacket | 

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Iceland Travel Tips

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Hey y’all,

I’m switching gears on y’all again and moving to Iceland from France! I’m not done with Paris yet, but I had to share some of my top Iceland travel tips.

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent the whole weekend looking at 10+ apartments after my move to Dallas last weekend, and it was so exhausting. It feels like car shopping when you’re just completely worn out, ya know? We looked all over the area at lofts, town homes, apartments, high rises, and FINALLY found one we fell in love with. I think we had high standards since our DC apartment was exactly our style, but I can’t wait to move in and share more about our new place.

Also – a Happy Late Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

Ok, back to Iceland talk. If you haven’t ever considered a visit – I’d seriously reconsider! I’ll be sharing details on both Iceland and Paris.. things to do, where to stay, etc. but today I’m going over my basic top tips for a visit to this beautiful nation!

1. Consider WOW Airlines. I’ll be honest that I was skeptical. I’d compare it to the Frontier of international flights – no frills. But flights are INSANELY cheap. There are no food or drinks included, no wifi, no entertainment, but the planes are nice and modern, they have a great safety record, and they fly several places in the US and Europe. There’s always a layover in Keflavik, so you can do it like us and book two separate flights, or they offer extended layovers as well.

2. Get international data. Seriously – do it! With AT&T we could use international data for $10 a day. You will 100% need a GPS to get around, so make the splurge. Nuff said.

3. Rent a car. Driving is super easy in Iceland. I will say I went in April, so I’m not sure in December – February how icy it would be. But we had zero issues with the roads and it makes it so much easier to get around and explore on your own!

4. Don’t be intimidated! It can be a little scary to go to another country with a language you don’t speak (unless you know Icelandic, then kudos because it’s an awesome language!). But everyone in the country was so kind and accommodating – everyone! At restaurants, hotels, snorkel guides, even tourists! Be sure you don’t let being intimidated stop you from visiting Iceland since the people are amazing.

5. Get ready to splurge. My last and most important tip – save some money before you go! Everything is extremely expensive. Flights and hotels were cheap, but food and drinks are very pricey. Don’t be surprised if you spend $50 USD on lunch for 2. But since travel and stay is inexpensive, it evens out a bit.

Let me know in the comments.. have you been to Iceland?! 

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Eiffel Tower

Hey y’all,

I’m SO excited for this post today because I’m finally sharing some pictures from my latest vacation. We visited Iceland and France, and it was such an amazing experience. I’m starting with Paris, more specifically the Eiffel Tower, since it’s so iconic! I’ve always wanted to visit it since I was young and it lived up to my expectations.

If you’re planning on visiting the Eiffel Tower, there are two gorgeous views of it. Of course, getting near and under it is stunning and it’s incredibly massive. I was shocked at the size! But for a view of the entire Tower, you can walk past the Tower away from the river, sit at a cafe and drink some wine, and take in the view. On the other side of the river there are gorgeous staircases which also have an amazing view! That’s where these photos were taken.

Later this week I’ll be sharing some restaurant picks, including a rooftop one RIGHT by the Tower. 

Oh, and definitely stick around at night to watch it sparkle on every hour. 

Top (Only $6!) | Jacket (also on sale) | Legging | Similar Boots (mine are old) 
Also – on a separate note – I’ve moved back to Dallas! More to come on that later.

Have a great day! Let me know in the comments if you like travel posts!

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CITYSTRONG & a Bachelorette Interview

Hey y’all,

Happy Monday! Today I’m here with a post that is WAY overdue! I’m sharing my vlog from citystrong & a bachelorette interview!

A couple of months ago, I was invited to attend CITYSTRONG Dallas! In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a workout class hosted by Kaitlyn Bristowe (the Bachelorette), Shawn Booth (fiance of the bachelorette), and Erin Oprea (an amazing celebrity trainer). Shawn and Erin take you through a crazy GOOD workout while Kaitlyn dj’s and drinks wine.. except my class fell in sober February, but she was amazing!

I was also lucky enough to get to go backstage, sit down with them, and talk for a bit – so be sure to watch my videos for some snippets of our conversation. I have to say that they were all so kind and SO down to earth. It was an amazing experience!



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Swimsuit Wishlist

Hey y’all!

I hope you all had a wonderful, long, Memorial Day weekend! Thank you to all who have served and remembering those who lost their lives for our freedom.

I spent the weekend relaxing, going to a cookout with friends, then spending my day off by the pool! And now it’s almost the next weekend; and does anyone else think this week has gone by crazy slow?!

Speaking of the pool.. today I’m sharing my swimsuit wishlist. One of my favorite things to shop for is new swimsuits, and there are SO many cute styles out in stores these days. So here are my top picks. Happy Shopping!

Oh, and before I get started.. I’m moving back to Texas! I haven’t announced it online yet, but I’ll be heading back to the Dallas area in less than TWO WEEKS. Although I’ll miss the DC area and all of the amazing people we know here, I’m also super excited to get back down south!

And back to the swimsuit wishlist! I’ll be sharing my top few styles in the infographic, then you can shop a ton of different suits in the slider down below.

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BBMA Fashion Winners

Hey y’all,
Happy Monday! 

In case you missed it, last night was the 2017 Billboard Music Awards! I actually very rarely watch award shows, but to be honest there wasn’t much else on TV and I was curious! I caught a couple hours on it and really enjoyed the performers and the fashion. And can we talk about Drakes sweep of awards?!

So today I’m here with my picks for BBMA Fashion Winners. Be sure to let me know your top picks in the comments! (Photo credits to vogue)

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Hey y’all,

I’ve been meaning to post this outfit for SO LONG. Right when the weather started getting warmer the hubby and I went down to National Harbor in Maryland. It is SUCH a cute little waterfront area – perfect for an outfit post ha! 

This top is one of my all time favorites. I love the floral print and I feel like it goes so well with so many different outfits – denim, white pants, black shorts, and on and on..

I have to be honest that these shoes hurt a bit, but I like them so much that I just stick it out! Any tips for making shoes hurt less or break in faster? I’ll take them!

Similar Top (mine is too old!) | Jeans | Shoes (over half off!) | Similar Cardigan

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BIRCH BOX VS IPSY + April Unboxing

Hey y’all!

I am finally back with a brand new video. I had terrible wifi traveling for the past week and a half, so it’s a little overdue. But I’m sharing my Birch Box Vs Ipsy + April Unboxing!

I’m so excited to finally be back and editing pictures and videos for you guys. Last week the hubby and I went to Iceland for two days, then Paris for 4 days. It was such an amazing trip and I cant wait to share outfits, travel guides, travel diaries, and other fun stuff. Be sure to stick around via email (on the sidebar) or by clicking here so you don’t miss one thing!



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Fitness Friday: Challenge 1

Hey y’all,

Fitness Friday is making a comeback! I used to have this series on my blog probably over a year ago. Actually, well over a year ago.. where I would share healthy recipes, workout videos, workout clothes, motivation, etc. I’m feeling motivated to get back in shape and figure sharing it on here is actually a great way to hold myself accountable.

fitness friday, workout motivation

Each week I’ll be posting a “challenge” of sorts that I’m hoping some of you might do along with me! Nothing crazy, but little things to do each day for a week that pave the way to a healthier lifestyle. So here is Fitness Friday: Challenge 1!

This week we will… walk more! The goal is 10,000 steps each day. If you don’t have an activity tracker, most smart phones track this now as well, so no excuses! 🙂

There’s easy ways to get moving – walk around while you’re on a call, take your dog on an extra walk, take the stairs, park further away from the door. So let’s do this! And have a great weekend!

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