Friday Favorites

Hey yall,

HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m so incredibly ready for this long weekend, you have no idea. It’ll be so nice to sleep, swim, lay out, and just relax. #lazylyfe

Here are some of my favorite things this week:

1. Acai Bowls. I got my first one last week and I crave one every day! I bought acai smoothie packs so I’m excited to give it a whirl on my own this weekend   
2. Narcos. This Netflix series came out this week (I think?) and it’s about Pablo Escobar and the drug trade. It’s filmed really well and the people in it are great. I would highly recommend!

3. Face Masks. To me, a night isn’t complete without a relaxing bath! It’s the best way to wind down, and I love using face masks to have a mini-pamper night mid-week.

4. September! Kind of a strange favorite, but I’m really starting to get excited for fall. I hate the cold, but I love Fall clothes and hot coffee and the holidays – I can’t wait. Starbucks even has their pumpkin spice via out. Whaaat?!

5. Giveaway! Last but not least, I’m doing a giveaway – and that’s of course a favorite! Be sure to enter.. I’m giving away two prizes!

Happy Friday! 

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Hey y’all,

I can seriously already tell that the sunrise is getting later and later! I remember just a few weeks ago the sun was blazing when I left for work – and now I have to drive random places to find somewhere with some light! I promise I’ll shoot some photos this weekend and have better quality.. pinky promise.


Top – H&M | Pants – Similar from Target | Shoes – Chinese Laundry

Can I get a woohoo for Friday Eve?!


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Hi-Neck Dress

Hey y’all,

For work the other day I really wanted to wear this dress solely because of how comfortable it is. Like seriously, it’s really comfortable. But the high neckline and low back make it definitely not office appropriate. So I decided to throw on one of my cargo jackets and a statement necklace to dress it up and cover up just enough. I normally stay away from bold, statement jewelry – but YOLO, why not whip one out every once in a while? Am I right, ladies?


Dress – Tillys | Jacket – Old, similar from Charlotte Russe | Shoes – Target | Necklace – Old from Loft, Similar

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How To: Start Freelance Writing

Hey y’all,

If you’re a blogger – or really, anyone who enjoys writing – you’ve probably thought about freelancing at least a couple times. I’m by no means a full-time writer, but I have gotten a good amount of extra money from freelancing. As of now, I work 8-5 during the week plus blogging and freelancing by night. Is it exhausting? Yes. Is it worth it? It will be!

If you want to start freelancing and don’t know where to start, hopefully I can help you out!

1. Just do it. I got my first regular (3-4 articles/week) freelancing gig by literally just sending out a ton of emails. I probably sent 20 emails to local publications, and heard back from one with a yes! You can’t lose anything from trying. It might be exhausting and sometimes discouraging, but sometimes you have to get 20 no’s to find your yes. So just do it. Get a template ready with a little about you and links to your writing samples or your blog and get to sending. Right now. I’ll wait…

2. Submit to online websites. Career Addict and College Humor are just a couple that I’ve used that are great to get started. This is a great reference for sites that accept article submissions. The only hassle is that you’ll write an entire article that could be rejected. But it’s somewhere to get started and build a portfolio. 

3. Use freelance websites. Elance and freelancer are great websites which can help you find freelance gigs. You basically complete a profile and then bid on jobs. They’re normally one time jobs and rates can range from $5 into the hundreds. You can find the jobs that fit your expertise from writing to programming.

4. Don’t get discouraged. This is probably the most important tip that I have. It might not be a real TIP, but it’s the most important piece of advice you’ll need. You will get rejected. You will be told that an article isn’t good enough for publication or get edits back.. and that’s ok. It’s making you better. It’s helping you learn what publications want and will help you grow a quality portfolio. Rejection will only make you better, so take what comes your way and don’t give up on your final goal.

In reality, the only thing that’ll help you be successful is determination. You need to just have the confidence to go for it 100%. And if you don’t hear back from someone you’ve reached out to.. follow up again and again. I promise, it works. And if not – you’ll find something else. So go for it and good luck! Hopefully my advice helps.

If you have any tips on freelancing, please share in the comments!

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Bootie  Fever

Hey yall,

If you know me at all, you know that I love hot weather. If it was up to me, Winter wouldn’t exist and I would never see snow again! Unfortunately, seasons change.

And no matter how much I hate cooler weather, I can’t help but absolutely love Fall fashion! I can’t wait to wear leggings, cardigans, flannel, booties, and the list goes on  and on and on..

I love cool weather fashion, as much as I hate cool weather! And one thing I always look forward to is boot shopping. In particular, booties! This style of shoe can be worn year-round and have an effortless feel. It’s never too early to start Fall shopping, and these are my top booties picks:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Get Ready FAST

Hey yall,

First off – TGIF! Am I right?!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for the weekend. As the week has gone on, it’s been getting harder and harder for me to wake up extra early. So today I ended up snoozing til 7 and was ready for work by 7:20! How do I do it, you ask? (Or maybe you aren’t asking, but I’ll tell you anyways)

1. Braids. This is my most important tip. And I’m not only talking about doing braids in your hair in the morning, even though that’s good too. I’m talking about braiding your hair before you go to sleep. Then you can either take it out for waves the next morning, or leave it in for a perfectly messy braid! You’re welcome.


2. The holy grail bag. Keep one small makeup bag with those holy grail items that you use on a daily basis. These should be easy products to apply, too. For example, I always have my maybelline color tatto shadows on hand. They require minimal blending and I can just do one swoop of my bronze shade and I’m good to go! 

3. Pick your outfit the night before. This is something I’m sure you’ve heard before, but it’s crucial for a fast morning routine. It’s easiest to go for staple items – like your favorite jeans and a quality v neck or an effortless shift dress! You’ll be out the door fast!

 easy outfits get ready y fast 

Jeans | Top | Dress

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Hey yall,

As much as I HATE cold weather, I sure do love fall fashion. Fortunately (or unfortunately..?) my office feels like the tundra, so it’s appropriate to dress like Fall even though it’s 100 degrees outside. I’ll take it!

  This top is seriously probably my favorite top that I own. It’s so versatile and I wear it year-round. My shoes are also really comfortable, I promise. I wore them at my wedding and didn’t take them off the whole night.. And NO blisters. 

Top – old, similar here | Cardigan – Nordstrom | Pants – old, similar from Charlotte Russe | Shoes – Chinese Laundry

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Buying the Right Jeans | Trend Keeper Tips

Hey yall,

Today we’re talking about shopping. And not just any shopping.. We’re discussing the dreaded jean shopping. When you go out to find a new pair of denim, it can be hard and overwhelming. Picking the right style is crucial so you can feel your best and feel comfortable. Here are my top tips so you can enjoy Jean shopping a little more:

1. Choose your brands wisely. There are 3 things I think you need to splurge on to get the best quality – Sushi, tattoos, and denim. Seriously. It might be tempting to grab a steal for $5, but those jeans will lose shape and the seams will end up falling apart way too fast. If you spend money on any clothing, make it jeans! 

2. Pick the right size. Every brand is different, so don’t be afraid to try on different sizes. You might be a 4 in one line and an 8 in another – so don’t pay so much attention to a size! It can vary greatly. Don’t be hesitant to go up sizes either – a number doesn’t matter. Getting the right fit will make you look great!

3. Shop the right styles for your body and closet. There are several mainstream styles – boot cut, skinny, flare, and boyfriend will be the ones you find most often. Don’t be overwhelmed when you start seeing random ones you don’t know (ex. Artist), chances are it’s a variation of one of the few general styles. Think about what shoes you wear and what outfits you have in its entirety. If you wear a lot of boots – boot cut or skinny will be the way to go. Wear pumps? Try out skinny or boyfriend jeans. Love a tucked in basic tee? Hop into a flair pant for a retro look. The possibilities are endless and its up to what fits you the best!

These tips aren’t rocket science and they aren’t too specific because it’s your body and you should wear what makes you feel the best! But these general tips are essential to getting the right pair that will last you years with the perfect fit. I’ll leave you with some of my top picks for denim. I will say tha my all time favorite pair of jeans is from James Jeans! Leave your tips and favorites in the comments! 

 tips for jean shopping, denim tips, fashion advicr 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5



Hey y’all,

When I started working in an office (with an actual dress code), one of the main struggles for me was looking professional while still being feminine and feeling good about what I was wearing. As much as I love menswear and suits on some people, I’m not one of those people who can pull it off. I prefer feminine cuts for my personal body type and like to stick to an effortless kind of look. I love to wear feminine pieces, but I like a bit of an edge to it. Am I making sense at all? Probably not, but does fashion really need to make sense? Yup, we’re getting deep here.

I think when it comes to a professional style, every person has their own take on it. Some people look amazing in fitted pencil skirts, other look chic in suits, and some prefer to stick to the casual side of the spectrum. Personally, I like to mix up all my options and come up with an outfit that looks professional but still feels comfortable. Because for me, comfort is KEY!








Top – H&M| Suit Pants – H&M |Heels – Chinese Laundry
And my bun involved NO hair ties or bobby pins.. It’s a life changer. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a tutorial :)

Do you have to stick to a professional dress code? What are your top picks?