Snow Day

Hey y’all,

The past week has been INSANE in Dallas, weather-wise! We started the week with a huge ice storm, then ended it with a ton of snow. On the plus side, I only ended up with two full days of work! I never really snapped out of snow day mode – so this week maybe a little rough! I absolutely hate the cold, but I love snow in Texas since it’s pretty short lived and everything closes down. Can you say.. House of Cards marathon?!

Once the roads started to clear up my fiancĂ© and I went out and did some shopping. Should I film a haul soon? I’m thinking YES! But I still didn’t want to get out of my comfy clothes. And thus – the printed pant, comfortable BUT presentable, sporty look…

Like my creative way on making this lounge wear a real outfit?! Try it, it’s great :)







Top – old from Elysian.. Similar | Leggings – Ross, not online.. Similar | Boots – Ugg | Jacket – North Face

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Dip it Low

Hey yall,

So today I have for you a review of one of the best beauty tools I’ve ever bought! It is…


The Express Nail Polish Remover! It’s basically just a little pot of nail polish remover in a soaked sponge.

Before I used it, I was expecting to stick my finger in the top and reach just a tub of nail polish remover, but it’s basically full of sponge and you just dip your finger in and twist your nail around against it. And voila! No more nail polish!

I always have to do my nails when I’m out and about since my fiancĂ© can’t stand the smell of nail polish remover! And he’s right.. Its a super strong smell. But with this I could barely smell the scent and my nails didn’t keep the scent after I was done. All of my polish was off in less than one minute!


I would go as far to say that this is a life changing beauty buy and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who hates taking a bunch of time on their nails! It’s a really fast and easy solution. It sells for $11 at Ulta, and I got mine for $8 with my Ulta Rewards card.

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Fancy to Fit-Wear

Hey yall,

So since I have to squeeze in my workouts around days at the office, I try to make my outfits as functional as possible. Something that can make the fast switch is always a good thing! Here are my top tips for transitional pieces that can take you from the office or class to a day out to the gym..


1. Yes, leggings ARE pants! I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a strong believer in wearing leggings anywhere. But I’m not talking about thin see through leggings that will show your behind to everyone and their mom – but thick, substantial leggings with a top that’s long enough to cover yourself up! That way you can just change a top or your shoes and you’re on your way.

2. Invest in good quality, but casual, staples. I have one v-neck that I bought over 3 years ago that’s still my all time favorite shirt. I wear it for nights out dressing it up, for lounging around with leggings, or yes.. To the gym. Having tops that can withstand a little wear can make it really easy to transition between looking put together and heading for a workout!

3. Use a versatile bag. Nobody wants to take their fancy, investment purse into the gym and leave it in a locker or on the side of the room – risky! Instead, carry around a cute backpack or small gym bag with just your essentials. I just pack my gym shoes, heart rate monitor, and hair ties since I’m always ready to go otherwise with my first two tips! Use something cheap since you may be putting gross gym clothes in their or it could get misplaced or dirty. And it can still be super cute!

So there you have it – my 3 ways to always be ready to make the switch FAST from fancy to fit wear. How do you prep to go to the gym? Do you try to keep your clothes functional, too?


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Let’s Learn Together: Google Adsense

Hey yall,

So I’ve had a super relaxing LONG weekend since I took a half day on Friday and we had a snow day yesterday AND as of now my office is opening late today.. Id say that’s something I needed! After a crazy few months at work and a ton of stress, I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just really burnt out. I’m in serious need of a vacation!

But even in my burnt out state, I’ve found that it makes me even more committed to this blog! It’s my outlet and something that I love to do. So as I keep learning and trying to grow.. We’re doing another lets learn together!

In case you aren’t someone who regularly reads my blog, or happened to miss it, my last Lets Learn Together post was about google analytics. It’s basically just a series where I take a topic I’m focusing on and trying to learn and share what I know. That way we can all share and learn more together! Win-Win!

So what is Google Adsense? Starting with the basics, it’s basically just a simple widget you can add to your blog that generates ads. Then you get paid by views and clicks… it’s pretty simple.

After signing up, you can customize the way your ads appear on your blog. You can choose ad style, size, amount, and location. There’s a wide variety of options so you can try different ones out and see what styles and locations work best for you.. the most important options, in my opinion. When picking a style, it’s really important to view your page and make sure the ads fit properly in your layout and to pick locations where more people will see them. One big difference I found was at the bottom of posts – where I always look on other blogs!

AD Style

Then another thing that has made a huge difference is editing down what categories show on your blog. If you have a fitness blog, maybe you don’t want finance ads. Or a makeup blog, you might not want automobile ads. There are a ton of options! It’ll also let you know how many clicks you’ve had so you know which categories resonate with your readers.


And finally, make sure to pay attention to your views and clicks! The majority of your income will come from clicks on your ads, and it’s important to watch and compare with analytics or posts and analyze what works best for you! In regards to views, you get paid by your RPM or CPM, rate or cost per milli or thousand views. And that rate can vary a TON! So it’s a little more unpredictable, but always good to keep an eye on. And finally, pay attention to your CTR, or click through rate. It’ll tell you out of the views you get, what percentage clicks on an ad.


I know that talking about how bloggers can make an income can cause a little debate, especially with a lot of the uproar that goes on around sponsored posts or videos. But blogging can be a full time job – and the income has to come from somewhere. So if you’re using Adsense, I hope this helps out!

Do you use Google analytics? Any tips?

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Video Recap

Hey yall,

Unfortunately, I left my laptop charger at my parents house last weekend which meant no computer for me this week! Which also means.. No video, which would normally be posted on Friday. So instead of a new video, let’s do a little recap :) hope you enjoy!

My latest video.. Bloggers in real life!

My latest Lookbook.. Filmed with a drone!

And my most watched video.. A haul!

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Work Out Wednesday

Hey yall,

So on Wednesdays it’s easy to feel like you’re in a slump. It’s hump day and it can be pretty darn hard to get past it! So I think that Wednesdays are the perfect day for a little inspiration. Today I’ll be talking about ways to get motivated to work out! Considering my wedding is in just a couple months, I’m definitely in need of some workout inspo!

1. Wear nice workout clothes. Getting knew gym wear or getting some more investment pieces can really help you get excited to head to the gym or out for a run! You can’t let a good outfit go to waste.. Even if it’s just workout gear!

2. Share your goals. Youll be a lot more likely to actually workout once you share your goals with other people around you. It’s kind of an unspoken (or sometimes spoken) form of accountability!

3. Just do it. This is my most important tip. It’s important to realize that you’ll NEVER regret a workout! It’s going to make you feel better and sometimes you have to just push yourself to go. Even if you plan on a small amount of time, like 10 minutes, 9 times out of 10 you’ll want to do more!

So those are my top tips to get motivated to get into the gym! What are yours?


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Wishing for Spring

Hey yall,

So the temperatures just took another drastic drop, which leaves me wanting spring even more! I’m desperate for warm weather, bright sunlight, lying by the pool and a VACATION! But the closest I can get right now is by doing some online window shopping. And thus.. My spring wish list!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Best of NYFW: Runway

Hey yall,

So even though I’m not at fashion week – #GOALS – I have been following the shows and keeping up with all the new styles debuting for next season. And if you’ve been reading my blog at all, then you know my top priority in fashion is being practical. So here are my top picks so far on ready to wear fashion from the runway!





My top picks were Juicy, Rachel Zoe, Herve Leger by Max Azria, and Kate Spade. It pains me not to put some of my favorite designers on here – I’m talking about DVF! – but I just didn’t see the daily wearability in a lot of styles. But that doesn’t mean the designs weren’t gorgeous from DVF and a ton of other designers. I saw a lot of color mixing, shift dresses, straight silhouettes, and darker color schemes and I’m loving what I’m seeing! These designs really are a work of art and these are just a few of my favorites. Who has your favorite designs?

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Not appropriate? No Worries!

Hey yall,

So at work we were all advised to keep our dress a little more business than casual the past few days since some people were visiting our offices. Good thing the weather has been warming up in Texas and I could whip out my new dress!… Or so I thought..

Thank goodness I always pack layers and a couple of options in my gym bag! And on this day specifically, my dress had a cutout in the back so I knew I’d need a sweater or cardigan. I put on this really cute dress, assuming it would fit right, and I loved it! But.. There was no way I could pass this off at the office. The cutout in the back was pretty big and the front showed a little (a lot) too much cleavage! So the full dress will make an appearance for a night out, I’m sure – since its a great dress, but I had to pull out my sweater and do a little problem solving to make this dress business appropriate!






Dress – from Ross, similar | Sweater – Target | Heels – Ellen Tracy

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